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T8 Colored Fluorescent Tube Guard

T8 Colored Fluorescent Tube Guard



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Product Overview
  • 4-Foot long
  • End caps included
  • Polycarbonate plastic
Creating special effects with vibrant colors is easy with fluorescent tube covers. This tinted guard is made of durable polycarbonate plastic, so it will contain glass shards if the fluorescent lamp ever shatters.
  • Tinted Light: this fluorescent tube cover alters the color of the light emitted by the fluorescent light bulb.
  • Polycarbonate Plastic: durable polycarbonate plastic sleeve helps to contain shards of glass and phosphorus coating if the fluorescent lamp should break or shatter
  • Polypropylene End Caps: each tube guard cover includes two black end caps that are heat-resistant (not shown in the image above)
  • Not for High Output Lamps: these tube guards should be used only with standard T8 linear fluorescent light bulbs - not with T8 high output lamps [Caution: T8HO lamps will melt these tube guards.]
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T8 Linear
T8 Colored Fluorescent Tube Guard
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Question from Jonathan Grove:

What is the maximum wattage allowed for these covers? I was looking to cover 32 watt bulbs.

Answer from Pegasus:

The Tube Guards are designed for T8 lamps up to 32-watts. Please Note: The Tube Guards cannot be used with HO ( High Output) lamps.

Question from Susan H Leeper:

Will this product work with F40CW Cool White, 40w preheat-rapid start fluorescent tubes?

Answer from Pegasus:

It's designed for F32 T8 Tubes or smaller. If your tube is 1in in diameter and less than 4ft then it will fit.

Question from Scott A Dado:

will these fit T12 bulbs or do have sleeves for this

Answer from Pegasus:

Scott, I'm sorry - these will NOT fit a T12. We do not carry T12 sleeves at this time.

Question from lisa:

how many covers come for 3.90? one or two?

Answer from Pegasus:

Lisa - One cover. Thanks

Question from Anthony:

Can they be cut to fit shorter bulbs?

Answer from Pegasus:

Absolutely the end user can trim them.

Question from Chris Whitesell:

I was wondering if these can be used in commercial retail fixtures. I'm not entirely sure if they're HO/VHO or not.

Answer from Pegasus:

The tube guards can be used in commercial T8 fixtures, certainly. However, you should not use them with high output light bulbs or very high output light bulbs because they will melt the tube guard.

Question from Dave:

Will it work on T5 bulbs?

Answer from Pegasus:

You can use it on a T5 bulb but depending on the length you would likely need to trim the plastic.