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T8 Clear UV Tube Guard

T8 Clear UV Tube Guard


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Product Overview
  • UV-filtering plastic
  • 4-foot length
  • End caps included
  • Not for HO lamps
  • 10-year life
T8 clear UV tube guards hinder photochemical degradation in textiles, historical documents, and works of art. Intended for use in museums, art galleries, libraries, retail establishments, and other areas where the prevention of UV degradation is critical.
  • Transmittance: has 0% transmittance below 395 nanometers (nm)
  • Material: made of UV-filtering clear polycarbonate plastic (approximately 1/32in thick); may easily be cut to shorter lengths with a saw
  • 4ft Long: nominal length of 4 feet
  • Diameter: the T8 clear UV tube guard with an outside diameter of 1.235 inches is designed to fit on a T8 linear fluorescent lamp that measures 1.0 inch (8/8in) in diameter
  • End Caps Included: includes two, black, opaque end caps for each tube guard
  • Not for High Output Lamps: these UV tube guards should be used only with standard T8 linear fluorescent light bulbs - not with T8 high output lamps; T8HO lamps will melt these UV tube guards.
  • 10-Year Expected Life: Generally, the rated life of UV tube guards is considered to be up to 10 years. They are also made of UV-stabilized material which helps guard against degradation, yellowing, or becoming brittle over time. However, there are almost always other factors that are unique to the situation in which they are used that may shorten the life of the tube guards such as exposure to “harsh” atmospheric conditions including chemical vapors. Thus, you may want to consider replacing the clear UV tube guard when a burned out T8 light bulb is replaced.
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T8 Clear UV Tube Guard
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Question from Vern Patterson:

Thanks for your quick response to my question. Do you have an estimated % in drop in lumens for your UV shielding? A rough estimate is fine. I am trying to compare the difference between LEDs and fluorescent for a preservation purposes at a museum where I volunteer.

Answer from Pegasus:

Vern, you can expect 85% transmission of light, so a 15% drop in lumen output.

Question from Vern:

Is there a drop in lumens in using the filter?

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, light output is reduced when a tube guard is used over a fluorescent light bulb.

Question from Brian Warde:

Polycarbonate is normally NOT UV Stop material...in most cases ACRYLIC is used is this normal to offer a Polycarbonate material?

Answer from Pegasus:

Brian, All that I can tell you is that these UV tube guards have 0% UV transmittance below 395 nanometers (nm). I have never seen an acrylic tube guard.

Question from Jared:

Are these tubes UL listed?

Answer from Pegasus:

These tube guards do not carry a UL listing.

Question from Kyle:

Do you make these clear T8 guards for 8ft bulbs? What do you offer for kitchen lighting? We are having a health inspection at our fire hall and it was suggested that we need our kitchen lights covered. I noticed at the local home depot or lowes that they do not make covers for the 8' lights, so it was suggested to contact you to see the possibility for clear tube guards / sleeves. I know you all are in the business for lighting, so any information you can provide us with your expertise in this are will be greatly appreciated. Currently we have (3) fluorescent lights in our drop ceiling. They are covered with the plastic shield and the lights are 2'x4' at a regular drop ceiling light. The light in question is the 8' florescent light hanging over the cooking area. This light is said to be in question as it needs to be covered. Covered how is the question? So if the bulb shatters it isn't going into the food I am assuming or is it to cover the light so grease and bugs aren't building up on the fixture/bulbs? Whatever the case may be we are wondering what our cheapest, but most reasonable for our inspection.

Answer from Pegasus:

Kyle, I'm sorry but we only offer these T8 guards in 4-foot lengths. Your best bet to look into your local building codes for specific information.

Question from Bebe Lovejoy:

Are the end caps necessary for the blocking of UV or do they just hold the guard in place?

Answer from Pegasus:

The tube guard covers the entire bulb except for the pins and metal end. No UV comes from the metal ends but I wouldn't be surprised if not covering them would allow some UV to come out the ends. It would likely be very minimal though.
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