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T8 Amber UV Tube Guard

T8 Amber UV Tube Guard


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Product Overview
  • UV-filtering plastic
  • 4-foot length
  • End caps included
  • Not for HO lamps
  • 10-year life
These T8 amber UV tube guards protect light-sensitive materials. Place them in a clean room or safelight environment and they will eliminate UV, violet, and blue light.
  • Transmittance: has 0% transmittance below 540 nanometers; eliminates UV, violet, and blue
  • Material: made of UV-filtering amber acrylic plastic; may easily be cut in the field with a saw
  • Length: nominal length of 4 feet
  • Diameter: the T8 amber UV tube guard with an outside diameter of 1.25 inches is designed to fit on a T8 linear fluorescent lamp that measures 1.0 inch (8/8in) in diameter
  • End Caps: includes two, black, opaque end caps for each tube guard
  • Not for High Output Lamps: these UV tube guards should be used only with standard T8 linear fluorescent light bulbs - not with T8 high output lamps; T8HO lamps will melt these UV tube guards.
  • 10-Year Expected Life: Generally, the rated life of UV tube guards is considered to be up to 10 years. They are also made of UV-stabilized material which helps guard against degradation, yellowing, or becoming brittle over time. However, there are almost always other factors that are unique to the situation in which they are used that may shorten the life of the tube guards such as exposure to “harsh” atmospheric conditions including chemical vapors. Thus, you may want to consider changing the amber UV tube guard when a burned out T8 light bulb is replaced with a new one.
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T8 Amber UV Tube Guard
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Question from Anna Duda:

I have these filters in my cleanrooms and would like to get a % transmission curve for them. I have been asked about supplying these for another cleanroom and would like to help them understand how good these filters are at blocking transmission below 540nm and realized that I did not have the graph. Also can these be supplied in other geometries. I will know more about the specifics once I sell the idea. thank you, Anna

Answer from Pegasus:

Anna, I'm very sorry but we do not have a transmission curve for these filters. In large quantities it may be possible to custom order. Please call our customer service if you would like to explore a custom order. Thank you.

Question from Mike Matos:

Can these be used with LED T8 tubes?

Answer from Pegasus:

Mike, I would not recommend using them with LED T8s. LED T8s manage heat differently than fluorescent and I would be worried about heat buildup in the tube cover.
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