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MR16 Optivex UV Glass Filters

MR16 Optivex UV Glass Filters



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Product Overview
  • Blocks UV radiation
  • Prevents degradation
  • Custom sizes available
These Optivex UV glass filters eliminate more than 99% of UV radiation. Choose your own diameter or order a custom size by phone to protect textiles, historical documents, or works of art from photochemical degradation.
  • The Optivex UV filter is a dichroic glass filter that is extremely durable, resisting abrasions and cracking; lasts significantly longer than plastics or gels. To clean Optivex UV glass filters use NON-ammonia based, commercially-available glass cleaning agents. They may be applied directly to the filter but do NOT immerse or soak Optivex filters in any cleaning solutions. Cleaning agents containing harsh chemical or abrasive detergents may cause scratches or deterioration of the special film that has been deposited on the glass.
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MR16 Optivex UV Glass Filters
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Question from Dan:

Hi! I have some halogen light fixtures that came with our house when it was new. Once, when changing a bulb, I accidentally misplaced a circular glass fixture. I wanted to see if I could track down a replacement. I took a picture of one of the remaining ones. It appears to read UV-001. Would this Optivex UV Glass Filter be a suitable replacement? It's an MR16 type fixture.

Answer from Pegasus:

Dan, Yes, this should be a good replacement. Select our smallest size designed for MR16 lamps.

Question from Sheila:

Hi,I need a filter replacement for a reading lamp. The 2" clear glass filter reads "LR" as the registered trademark ans UV filter 001. Will this product replace this? How thick is your glass?

Answer from Pegasus:

Our MR16 Optivex UV Filter measures 2" in diameter and is approximately 3mm thick.

Question from Josh:

Are your round uv glass lenses tempered? I have a halogen light and I think the lens needs to be tempered.

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, they are tempered.

Question from Jonathan Huang:

I have a halogen desk lamp that has a circular glass UV filter covering the lightbulb chamber that is about 2 and 5/16 inches or 6 cm in diameter and 3mm thick. Do you make filters of this size. Also, how often(if at all) do these types of filters need to be changed? Thanks

Answer from Pegasus:

We only sell UV glass filters that are 2" in diameter.