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200 0.75mm Diameter LED Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kit

200 0.75mm Diameter LED Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kit


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Product Overview
  • White light or colors
  • 200 Fibers
  • Twinkle wheel
  • Remote control
  • LED illuminator
  • Plug-in
  • Only 5 watts
Add sparkling stars to your bedroom ceiling with this LED fiber optic star ceiling kit. It has 200 fibers that twinkle attractive white light while using only 5 watts of power. It also includes a color changing wheel if you wish to have colored light. The LED illuminator simply plugs into power and the remote control turns it on/off.

What's Included?

  • How it Works: the star ceiling fiber optic acrylic fibers transmit light from an LED illuminator to your ceiling while a twinkle wheel (with alternating opaque and transparent sections) rotates in front of the LED inside the illuminator creating a mesmerizing twinkling effect at the other end of the fibers.
  • White Light or Colored Light: the kit comes assembled with the white light twinkle wheel. An extra color changing wheel is included if you would prefer colored light.
  • Remote Control: the remote has (2) buttons - A and B. A controls the off and on mode. B controls the twinkle (twinkle on or twinkle off).

How to Install?

  • Ceiling Access: access above the ceiling is required because this is where all of the fibers and the illuminator will be stored.
  • Mark Your Ceiling Studs: use a stud finder to mark all of the studs on your ceiling to ensure that you don't drill in to any stud. This will also give you a starting point for creating a diagram of how you want your star ceiling effect to look. The areas between each stud location is where you can put a fiber optic strand.
  • Illuminator Position: choose a position above your ceiling to put your illuminator light source engine so that the fiber optic wires can reach to all of the corners in your room.
  • Storing Items Above Ceiling?: if you use the access area above the ceiling to store items then we recommend drilling 1-inch holes into the sides of the studs in your ceiling access. These holes will be used to run the fiber to each section of the ceiling. Without these holes the fiber would be laid over the studs and could be crushed by any items being stored in this location which would cause a loss of light and possibly break the strands.
  • Diagram: we recommend drawing a diagram of how you want your star ceiling to look.
  • Drill: the fun part - drill the holes in your ceiling based on your diagram.
  • Insert Fiber Into Drilled Holes: in the ceiling access, feed the strands into your pre-drilled holes. Have the fiber "poke out" of the holes in your ceiling and glue the strand into its location. Many of our customers use a regular household glue.
  • Clean the Ceiling: if necessary, clean the ceiling after inserting the fiber optic strands into each hole and before cutting the wires back.
  • Cut Back the Strands: once the glue is dried completely you can cut back all of the strands poking out of the ceiling.
  • Complete Installation Instructions (pdf file)
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200 0.75mm Diameter LED Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kit
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0 questions
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Question from Benjamin:

The instructions mention glue after drilling the holes and feeding the fiber through. What type of glue is recommended?

Answer from Pegasus:

Most of the customers I talk to used either Elmer's Carpenter Wood Glue or Elmer's Household glue. The Elmer's Household glue dries clear! Good luck with your project!

Question from Zade:

Can I buy replacement fiber optic 200-pack bundles without having to re-purchase the whole light box motor? How much would that cost? Thanks, you.

Answer from Pegasus:

Zade, I'm very sorry but the bundles are not available separately.

Question from Dick:

Can the twinkling effect be turned off and have just a stead glow?

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, you can turn on/off the twinkling effect using the remote control.

Question from Roger:

Other than the on/of, can the speed of the twinkle wheel be regulated?

Answer from Pegasus:

The speed of the twinkle wheel cannot be controlled.