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Exit Signs

When it comes to exit signs, LEDs are the way to go. Why should you choose LEDs for your exit sign? LEDs are safe, last long, and save energy. Choose from a great selection of LED exit signs at very competitive prices, including edge-lit LED exit signs. To learn more about LED exit lighting in detail, take a look at our LED Exit Signs FAQs below.

LED Exit Signs FAQs

Q) Are LED exit signs energy efficient?
Absolutely! As far as energy usage is concerned with exit lights, LEDs lead the way. The typical LED exit sign uses less than 5 watts of power while an incandescent exit sign might use as much as 40 watts and a typical fluorescent exit sign uses about 11 watts. As you can see, LED exit signs beat others by a large margin when it comes to energy use.

Q) Are LED exit signs long lasting?
Yes! The red or green LEDs inside LED exit signs are rated to last as much as 100,000 hours - that's over 11 years while operating 24/7/365.

Q) Do LED exit signs attract bugs?
No. Since LEDs do not emit UV light, they do not attract bugs. No messy bug cleanup involved with LED emergency exit lights.

Q) Do LED exit signs contain any mercury?
Unlike a fluorescent exit sign, LED exit signs contain no toxic mercury, making them ideal for use in schools and other public settings.

Q) How much money can I save by retrofitting with LED exit signs?
Retrofitting is an excellent way to save time and money. By reducing energy consumption and eliminating frequent bulb replacements, LED exit signs are an improvement over incandescent and fluorescent exit signs. The North Carolina Department of Commerce estimates that replacing incandescent exit signs with LED exit signs saves money in the first year alone and can save $581 over 10 years

Q) Do you sell exit signs approved by the National Fire Protection Association?
Yes. All of our LED exit signs for sale are approved by the NFPA. We won't sell an exit sign, LED or otherwise, unless it has this approval.

Q) Will an LED exit sign ever "burn out"?
Unlike incandescent and fluorescent exit signs, LEDs never burn out but instead dim slowly over time and eventually do not emit enough light to be useful.

Q) Why are green LED exit signs more expensive than red LED exit signs?
There are at least 3 possible reasons for this price difference between green and red LED exit lights.

  1. Green LED exit lights are more expensive to manufacture than red LEDs.
  2. Green LEDs are not as bright as red LEDs and, therefore, more of them may be needed in a given exit sign to provide adequate brightness.
  3. Green exit signs are used in only about 5% of all possible locations in this country, which, in turn, means that the overall costs of manufacturing green LED exit signs may not benefit from the same economies of scale that are associated with manufacturing red LED exit signs.

Troubleshooting Tips for Exit Signs

Problem: The exit sign does not light up and the LED indicator does not come ON.

Suggestion: Check to see if the supply wires inside the exit sign are properly connected. Connecting 277 volts of input power to the 120-volt wire inside the exit sign can cause the unit to burn out. Connecting 120 volts of input power to the 277-volt wire inside the exit sign can cause the exit sign not to turn on. Also, in the case of an EXIT-only sign, make certain that the transformer is connected to the LED circuit board.

Problem: The LED indicator comes ON but the exit sign does not light up.

Suggestion: In the case of an EXIT-only sign, the LED circuit board could be bad and may need to be replaced. (Contact the manufacturer of the unit for further assistance.) In the case of a COMBO unit (exit sign + emergency lights) make certain that the LED strips are properly connected to the circuit board.

Problem: The exit sign does not light up in the emergency mode.

Suggestion: The backup battery needs to be connected to the circuit board for the unit to operate in the emergency mode. Also, make certain that the backup battery has been charged for, at least, a couple of hours before doing any initial tests. A 24-hour recharge time is required for a full 90-minute emergency operation.

Problem: The backup battery is properly connected but the exit sign still does not come ON in the emergency mode.

Suggestion: Make certain that the backup battery has been charged for, at least, couple of hours before doing any initial tests. If the battery has been properly charged and the exit sign still does not light up, then the battery might need to be replaced.