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60W - 12V - Plug-In - Electronic Transformer - Molex Connector

60W - 12V - Plug-In - Electronic Transformer - Molex Connector


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Pegasus Select

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Product Overview
  • 10-Foot lead
  • Compact size
  • Black
This 60-watt transformer will power your lighting systems with Molex® style connectors.
  • Output lead wire has a Molex style connector for quickly connecting with compatible light fixtures.
Pegasus Select
This hand-picked Pegasus Select product reflects our belief that everyone should have access to great lighting. We search through massive amounts of products to bring our customers the best deals in quality lighting.

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60W - 12V - Plug-In - Electronic Transformer - Molex Connector
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0 questions
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Question from Tony:

Is this product dimmable?

Answer from Pegasus:

No, it's not dimmable.

Question from Jack:

Will this work as a replacement for a charger to a Black & Decker dust buster rated 9.6v, with a charger rated output of 14.6v,130mA, class 2, ref cdo8A. I do not know the wattage consumption of the dust buster.

Answer from Pegasus:

Jack, No, I do not believe it will work. This item is not designed for charging devices and it also has an output of 12V NOT 14.6

Question from Layne McIsaac:

Will this transformer work with a 7-Watt LED light?

Answer from Pegasus:

Layne, Generally LED lights require a driver, which is a different device from a transformer. Our drivers are on this page: http://www.pegasuslighting.com/led-drivers.html I'd suggest contacting the manufacturer to determine exactly what type of power supply is needed.

Question from Apolinar Barbaza:

Will this transformer work with a 20W MR16 light?

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, this transformer will work with a 20W MR16 light as long as the light fixture has Molex style connectors.

Question from Andy Branchaud:

Will this transformer match a class2 low voltage transformer with input 120 VAC 60 Hz and output 12 AC 60 W? It is being used for 3 low voltage under cabinet lights?

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, The specifications match.

Question from John Cannell:

I need to replace the transformer for a Christmas tree. The tree has a 50 watt halogen bulb with a small motor driven color wheel. The transformer is a 12 volt AC 4700 ma output model. Will this unit be sufficient for this application? Thanks, John Cannell

Answer from Pegasus:

We would not recommend the 60-watt, 12V transformer since the specifications are not equal to your existing power supply or charger.

Question from Andy Branchaud:

Ned a replacement for plug in class 2 power supply with 120 VAC 60HZ input and ouput is 12V 60W max. Will the plug in transformer P-Trans-E5825 meet these specs?

Answer from Pegasus:

This transformer is 120V AC, 60Hz input; 12V, 60W max output.

Question from Gonzalo:

Can I use this transformer to feed 2 puck lights 12v 20W G4 bulb? Thanks in advance

Answer from Pegasus:

This transformer is rated to a maximum of 60 W, so 40W should be fine. You may need to remove the molex connector if this is not applicable to your puck lights.