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150W - 12V - Hardwire - Electronic Transformer - Enclosed - WAC Lighting

150W - 12V - Hardwire - Electronic Transformer - Enclosed - WAC Lighting



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WAC Lighting

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Product Overview
  • Minimum watts: 50
  • Maximum watts: 150
  • Dimmable
  • UL listed
  • 5-Year warranty
This 150-watt electronic enclosed low voltage transformer will power your 12-volt lighting systems. With an enclosed transformer, you can store all of the electrical connections in the included metal enclosure, meaning a separate junction box is not required. Electronic transformers are generally smaller, lighter, quieter, and cooler than magnetic transformers.
WAC Lighting
Founded in 1984, WAC Lighting has evolved into a global company that designs, engineers and manufactures innovative lighting solutions with a new sustainable LED collection for residential, retail, hospitality, museum and commercial applications. WAC use the phrase “Responsible Lighting” as the brand standard that reflects WAC’s holistic approach to business, encompassing a deep commitment to responsible eco-friendly manufacturing, extensive research/development, energy saving technology, design aesthetics and altruism, while supporting diversity and goodwill in the local and global communities.

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Low Voltage
WAC Lighting
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150W - 12V - Hardwire - Electronic Transformer - Enclosed - WAC Lighting
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Question from Al Goodridge:

I have seven 20-watt under the cabinet puck type lights. At present time I have a EN-B12 PY-AR 100-watt minimum to 250w maximum. Can I replace the one that I have with the 150-watt? I have had the transformer for over 8 years. I think it is starting to go because the lights are flickering. All connections are tight. I am only using 140 watts.

Answer from Pegasus:

Al: This electronic transformer has a 50-watt minimum and a 150-watt maximum load and, unlike a magnetic, this electronic transformer can be used up to its maximum wattage. So, since you are powering 140 watts this electronic transformer will work for your situation.

Question from Robert Cone:

This transformer is located within my garage and hard wired to a switch inside my house. How can I add a photo switch to turn on/off at dusk/dawn?

Answer from Pegasus:

Robert, I would suggest consulting an electrician. Since it's inside your garage, a photocell cannot simply be attached to the transformer because it won't be able to detect the outdoor brightness. You may find that your best bet is to install a timer instead of the wall switch. You can set the timer to turn the lights on/off at certain times of the day.

Question from Walter B.:

What are the dimensions of this transformer?

Answer from Pegasus:

The dimensions are 1-5/8in(H) x 3in(W) x 6-1/4in(L)

Question from Jim:

Hello I want power and dim 15 of these lights (http://lightheadedlighting.com/product/Cabinet-Light-10W-Cabinet-Light-10W-Halogen) on this power supply. Does it matter if they are powered in series or parallel

Answer from Pegasus:

If your fixtures require a 12V output Electronic power supply then you should be able to use the transformer. As for wiring in series or parallel we suggest addressing that concern with the supplier of the specific fixtures.

Question from Rob:

Hi, can I use the WAC EN-12150-RB-AR low voltage transformer with the WAC HR-86 puck lights? The instructions for the pucks lights say they should be used with a Class 2 transformer, and this model transformer is not a Class 2. Your feedback is appreciated! Thank you!

Answer from Pegasus:

Rob, Since the manufacturer has stated that a Class 2 transformer is to be used with the HR-86 puck lights, we would not recommend using the EN-12150-RB-AR with these fixtures.