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100W - 12V - Hardwire - Electronic Transformer - Enclosed - WAC Lighting

100W - 12V - Hardwire - Electronic Transformer - Enclosed - WAC Lighting



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WAC Lighting

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Product Overview
  • Minimum watts: 35
  • Maximum watts: 100
  • Dimmable
  • UL listed
  • 5-Year warranty
This 100-watt electronic enclosed low voltage transformer will power your 12-volt lighting systems. With an enclosed transformer, you can store all of the electrical connections in the included metal enclosure, meaning a separate junction box is not required. Electronic transformers are generally smaller, lighter, quieter, and cooler than magnetic transformers.
WAC Lighting
Founded in 1984, WAC Lighting has evolved into a global company that designs, engineers and manufactures innovative lighting solutions with a new sustainable LED collection for residential, retail, hospitality, museum and commercial applications. WAC use the phrase “Responsible Lighting” as the brand standard that reflects WAC’s holistic approach to business, encompassing a deep commitment to responsible eco-friendly manufacturing, extensive research/development, energy saving technology, design aesthetics and altruism, while supporting diversity and goodwill in the local and global communities.

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Low Voltage
WAC Lighting
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Electronic Low Voltage
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100W - 12V - Hardwire - Electronic Transformer - Enclosed - WAC Lighting
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Question from Gary Foxen:

Can this transformer be installed indoors? Also I am thinking about using this transformer to power an outdoor lighting system. Can this product be used for that type of application?

Answer from Pegasus:

I would recommend using a magnetic transformer for outdoor lighting. If you use an electronic transformer you are likely to encounter an issue known as voltage drop. Lights at the end of the run will appear dimmer. Use an outdoor magnetic transformer with a boost tap or multi tap feature.

Question from Atul:

Hi, I am looking to connect several LED (12V) lighting strips to via Lutron dimmer (RRD-6NA) - Phase adaptive dimmer with Neutral wire) and was looking to use a dimmable electronic low voltage dimmer. Can you please recommend one for the following Watt loads (18W 28W 34W 52W 86W 104W).

Answer from Pegasus:

Atul, I would recommend checking with the manufacturer of your tape light to make sure that it does indeed require a 12V TRANSFORMER rather than a 12V DRIVER. Most linear LED products use drivers. In terms of determining the load, simply browse our selection and pick a driver rated slightly higher or equal to the wattage of the system you are looking to power. For example, for your 18W load, select a 20W 12V Constant Voltage LED Driver.

Question from Gary:

Can I use this for two separate runs and connect a dimmer to each run? Or do I need two transformers so each one will have its own dimmer?

Answer from Pegasus:

Since you want to use two dimmer switches you will need to use two separate transformers.

Question from Ayelet:

what is the size of the transformer?

Answer from Pegasus:

Transformers specifications are; Width (in) 3.25 Height (in) 2 Length (in) 6.25

Question from Dennis:

I see that the 75 watt version of this trans former has a ground wire. Does the 100 watt version have a ground wire?

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, the 100-watt transformer has a ground wire.