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3-Way - Lutron Diva Dimmers for Electronic Low Voltage TransformersPegasus Lighting BBB Business Review

Pegasus Lighting BBB Business Review
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3-Way - Lutron Diva Dimmers for Electronic Low Voltage TransformersPegasus Lighting BBB Business Review


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Product Overview
  • 7 Gloss colors
  • 120V input systems
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The Lutron Diva dimmer is a designer-style switch featuring a large paddle to light the room and a sleek slide control to dim it. A built-in soft-glow night light will also enable you to find the switch instantly in a dark room. This model is for low voltage xenon or low voltage halogen lighting systems that use electronic transformers (12 or 24 volts).
Width (in)
Height (in)
Length (in)
Quantity Being Sold
Power Method
UL Listed
Light Almond
Input Voltage
1 Year
Mounting Type
Durable Nylon
Controls Type
Electronic Dimmer
Neutral Wire Required
Preset Dimmer
Controls Maximum Load
Compatible Lighting Loads
Wallplate Included
Brand Style
Lutron Claro
4 starsbased on3 reviews
3-Way - Lutron Diva Dimmers for Electronic Low Voltage Transformers
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Handsome LED Dimmer

Submitted by |

Out with fluorescent and in with LED! This is a nice-looking LED Low-Voltage Dimmer with a slide bar that replaced the old rocker switch that controlled fluorescent under-cabinet lighting. I like it because it is the same styling as my other dimmers in the same location and you can select the amount of lighting you want without adjusting each time you turn it on. It works like a charm.

Handsome styling Functional Easy installation for electrician


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Lutron Dimmer for Low Voltage Transformer

Submitted by |

The dimmer is great - just expensive! Works like all other Lutron DIVA dimmers I've used. ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: the dimmer requires a neutral wire. Most normal dimmers do not need a neutral to operate, and many residences do not have a neutral in the typical wall box wiring setup used in most rooms. NO NOTE of this is made in the description or in the Lutron info. I learned this only after getting the unit and reading the install instructions! DIY'ers beware! No neutral means pulling a new wire to the wall box which could mean opening up the wall. I was powering my cabinet light install from an outlet circuit with the source right near the dimmer wall box location, so I had no problems. Something to consider...

Works very well - acts like all other Lutron dimmers.

Expensive! Also, a neutral is required, a requirement not made obvious in any web documentation. That should be fixed.

From Pegasus:

On our Specifications & Measurements tab we have a wiring diagram showing the neutral wire connection for this dimmer. We will also add a note about the neutral wire to the Description tab for this product page. Thanks!

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As expected

Submitted by |

Its a dimmer switch - it works. It arrived promptly. Looks like all the rest of our switches. A little pricey.

As expected

Little pricey

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Question from Susan:

If there is not a neutral in the our existing wall box wiring setup, can I still use this dimmer without the neutral? Is there danger in that? I have an existing Lutron dimmer that is not for low voltage function. Can I use my old dimmer? Or maybe skip the dimmer all together?

Answer from Pegasus:

Susan, No, you should not skip the neutral wire. It's never wise to take any chances with electrical wiring. You may be able to use a line voltage dimmer instead but it completely depends on the lighting system. If you have the components, test it out and see how the dimmer works!

Question from Beth:

Can you use this for LED lights on an electronic low voltage transformer? It says Xenon or halogen. If not, what dimmer is for LED?

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, if the LED lights are dimmable by an electronic low voltage dimmer. The product description will indicate the type of dimmer that can be used with it. If not, check with the manufacturer of the LED lights and ask for the recommended dimmer list. Please note that LED dimming technology varies widely and there are many different ways manufacturers recommend dimming LEDs.

Question from Sophia:

I would like to replace my single pole electronic low voltage dimmer but I do not want one with a night light. Does Lutron make those anymore? The plastic piece between the switch and the sliding dimmer broke and is underneath the switch, so it is difficult to switch the light off.

Answer from Pegasus:

Sophia, I checked the Lutron catalog and could not find a Diva ELV dimmer without a night light.

Question from Vince Catlin:

My LET 60 DL transformer has a dimming loop and your wiring instructions do not show this. How is this connected?

Answer from Pegasus:

Vince, The dimming loop on your transformer is for connecting to a potentiometer, not a wall dimmer. If you are going to wire to a wall dimmer, simply connect the line voltage to the dimmer, then connect the dimmer to the input wires of the transformer (black and white wires). Then the blue wires connect to the lighting load.

Question from Christopher:

Can I use this dimmer to control a Low voltage transformer circuit plus a circuit with regular line voltage lights or do I need to control them with separate dimmers?

Answer from Pegasus:

Christopher, I would use separate dimmers... an ELV dimmer for your electronic transformer a line voltage dimmer for the line voltage lights

Question from Dan:

Can the dimmer mechanism be separated from the plate, or is the plate and dimmer manufactured as a solid unit? I already have a Lutron plate and would simply like to install the dimmer.

Answer from Pegasus:

Dan, The wall plate picture is NOT included, so you would only be purchasing the actual dimmer switch.

Question from Jim Hodges:

I have a WAC Lighting rail system that uses an electronic transformer. There are five 12V MR16-G 50 Watt bulbs on the rail. The instructions say if dimming, an electronic low voltage dimmer is recommended. Is this the correct dimmer for my application?

Answer from Pegasus:

Jim, Yes, this dimmer is correct for your application - as long as the rail system is the only fixture connected to the dimmer. If you are connecting any additional lights, you will need a higher load. Good luck!