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Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting

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Light Fixtures / Task Lighting / Under Cabinet Lighting /

Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting

One of the best kept lighting secrets is that dimmable lights are not just pretty - they are actually one of the most practical lighting solutions available! This is especially true in the kitchen, where daily use requires lights to be functional above all else. Dimmable under cabinet lighting is a good choice for any kitchen because it can save energy, increase light bulb life span, and adjust to the various activity and schedule fluctuations of each individual home. Our selection of dimmable under cabinet lights includes LEDs and xenon, line and low voltage options, as well as a variety of fixture designs to meet any and all of your under cabinet lighting needs.

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Dimmable Lights - Practical Functionality & Energy Efficiency


We have all experienced the pleasant ambiance of dimmed lighting in a restaurant or living room, and it should come as no surprise that the same mood-enhancing light effects can be achieved in your kitchen using dimmable lights. But did you know there are even more practical reasons to install dimmable lights under your cabinets?

For example, dimmable lights on high can provide as much bright light as you need while chopping veggies or mixing recipes in the kitchen. When the cooking is done you can also use the same lights to enjoy the relaxing ambiance of low lighting and a glass of wine. Many people even use their dimmable under cabinet lights at night to safely guide sleepy people to a midnight snack without the blinding rays of a fully lit kitchen.

Energy Efficiency

Certain light sources (like LEDs and CLFs) are naturally more energy efficient, but using them is not the only way to save energy. If you love the warm look of xenon lights on your countertops, you can still enjoy a reduced power bill and environmental footprint if you use a dimmer with your under cabinet lights.

Lutron, a company that designs light controls (including dimmers), has an interactive Energy Savings Calculator on their website to help people visualize how much dimming their lights could save them in energy, money and bulb lifespan. Check it out and discover how much you could save with dimmable under cabinet lights.

Even better, recent technological advances have made it possible to have the best of both worlds: you can utilize the energy efficiency and longevity of LED lights as well as the ambiance and functionality of dimmers. LEDs were not always compatible with dimmers, so this is an exciting progression.