Dimmable LED Drivers

Dimming your LED lights gives you the freedom to change a scene. You can create an intimate atmosphere in a dining room, or provide a better viewing experience during office presentations. To dim your LED lighting system you need an LED driver that supports that feature while meeting the electrical requirements of your fixture. Dimmable LED drivers are available in a variety of wattages for both constant current and constant voltage models.

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LED Driver Dimmer Controls

An LED driver with dimming capability provides the versatility of dimming the LED lights from 0-100% (depending on the dimmer), while maintaining color and color temperature. By dimming an LED light, it also reduces the operating temperature of the fixture, ultimately increasing LED efficacy and lamp life.

LEDs and dimmers were not always so cozy. But as LED technology advanced, dimming controls came right along with it. To control your LED light levels, you will need to connect a dimmer that is compatible with your LED driver. For the dimmer to work properly, the driver has to be able to understand and interpret the signals from the dimming device.