Desk Lamps

Brighten your home office or workspace with desk lamps that inspire creativity and focus. Features like adjustable bases, pivoting heads and flexible swing arms enable you to direct the light right where you need it. From modern LED work lights to vintage office desk lamps, our unique selection is sure to spark an abundance of desk lighting ideas.

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How to Choose a Desk Lamp

The best desk lamp is one that complements your space and adds valuable lighting to your project area at the same time. Important features like flexibility, light-source and design can all guide you in how to choose your task lighting.

First Things First, Let’s Talk About Purpose

Take a look at your desk and ask yourself, “What kinds of things will I be doing here?” Different tasks will often have different lighting requirements. As a general rule of thumb, computer work is most comfortable with indirect lighting to minimize glare and reduce contrast between the monitor light and the desk light. Arts & crafts with a lot of precise detail work benefit from a bright LED light source that can be focused on the task at hand.


Now that you’ve figured out how your light will function, how much room do you have available for a lamp? If desk real estate is at a premium, you will want to play close attention to the size of the desk lamp that you choose and make sure the base diameter fits within those dimensions.

Pegasus Lighting Tip: If you have determined that a desk lamp isn’t going to work with your space, consider these options: Clamp-on or Clip-on task lights can easily attach to the side of your desk while under-cabinet lighting can be an excellent solution for an office hutch that’s short on desk space and reading lights attach directly to the wall.

Spotlight on Style

With all of the functional requirements out of the way you are free to focus on trends and styles. Choose your colors and finishes so that they reflect your personal style. Modern chrome finishes and straight lines lend themselves to a clean, minimal design while oil-rubbed bronze and distressed finishes draw on a vintage charm.

Tips On Creating an Ergonomic Office

Usually, when we think of ergonomics for our desk furniture we usually think about our sitting position. However, ergonomic solutions are more than just how we sit in a chair. It is also about illuminating our work area. The best lighting for your immediate workspace should combine both an indirect light source as well as a task lamp. To avoid eye strain, the American Optometric Association recommends that desk task lighting be placed 15 inches above the desk’s surface. Why 15 inches? This creates the optimum light level for performing tasks. If you have a clamp-on desk lamp, affix it either to a shelf or to the surface of the desk and remember the 15-inch rule when you position the lamp head. Under-shelf desk lamps should be installed as close to the front of the shelves as possible. Bright overhead lighting should be avoided when possible to avoid issues with glare.

Why Desk Lamps are Different than Table Lamps

Desk Lamps and task lights are specifically designed as optimal light sources for your work or project. Different than a living room table lamp that often focuses on style over function, LED desk lamps are constructed to produce impressive light output while using minimal power. An adjustable desk lamp with swing arms and double or triple-jointed arms allows you to direct the light where you need it most and ensures the proper height of the light source over your work area. Whether used in a home office, kitchen nook, homework station, or architects’ drafting table, they create brighter, safer, and more pleasant places to work. With a little bit of planning, even a small desk lamp can make a huge impact.