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Solar LED Address Light

Solar LED Address Light


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Gama Sonic

This Item Is No Longer Available

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Product Overview
  • 5 Green LEDs
  • Solar-powered
  • No wiring required
  • Numbers included
  • Dusk-to-dawn
The Solar LED Address Light is a natural and efficient way to properly identify your home in an emergency. Powered by a long-lasting Hi-Tech solar cell, it provides lighting up to 15 hours with a single day solar charge. This LED address light charges by day and turns on automatically at night.
Gama Sonic
Solar LED Address Light
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Question from LB:

Are the batteries replaceable? What size? Also, are these electroluminescent lights or LEDs?

Answer from Pegasus:

It's LED. It includes AA Ni-cad rechargeable batteries that are replaceable.

Question from Bill Giambone:

I will need 7 of these but the only problem I have an address that is 389 1/2. Do you make a 1/2 number? the addresses I need are: 383 385 387 389 1/2 393 395 397

Answer from Pegasus:

Bill, Unfortunately a 1/2 card is not available from the manufacturer of this item. A few blank cards are included with each light, so you may be able to cut out a 1/2.

Question from Ron:

What are the overall dimensions? Can I attach it to a 6 x 6 mailbox support?

Answer from Pegasus:

Ron, The fixture measures 5.75in x 14.75in x 2.5in. The mounting holes for a wall mount are located on the ends of the address light, approximately 14in apart, so I don't think it would fit on a 6in wide mailbox support.

Question from Ilene:

What is the size of the numbers?

Answer from Pegasus:

Ilene, The numbers measure 3in tall.

Question from ajay:

hi are the numbers in green made of plastic....places where there is acute sun, these plastic numbers will turn yellow and ultimately start wearing out... cheers ajay, dubai

Answer from Pegasus:

Ajay, The numbers are a black plastic cards with the digits a transparent green. Please note that the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on this product.