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Relaxing deck and patio lighting
Light up the outdoors well into the evening with our unique selection of deck and patio lighting. Some of our most popular outdoor lighting options include barbecue lights for night-time grilling, patio string lights for quick and easy outdoor decorations, energy-efficient LED step lights for pathways and stairs, and easy-to-install battery-operated landscape and exterior lighting.

Get the Perfect Deck or Patio

The perfect deck or patio can be an oasis right in your own backyard. The right patio lighting can create the ideal atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying your time outdoors. Whether welcoming guests on your front porch or entertaining them on the deck, outdoor lights can transform your property from dull to dazzling.

Deck and Patio Lighting Style and Function

When designing an outdoor living area, you have a tremendous amount of options available to personalize your space.

  • Battery Operated or Solar Patio Lights - These eco-friendly options are ideal for locations that aren't near a power source. Save time and money with easy-to-install solar path lights, or ultra-bright battery-operated spotlights. Dusk-to-Dawn capability saves energy by automatically turning on and off with light-sensing photocells.
  • Deck Lights for Safety and Security - Outdoor deck lighting can be useful in ensuring the safety of you and your guests, particularly when they are used to illuminate steps, paths and other walkways at night. Spotlights and Floodlights with motion-sensor technology provide an additional layer of security against would-be intruders.
  • Patio and Deck Lights for Outdoor Entertaining - Create ambiance at your next backyard party by running decorative string lights through the trees or wrapping rope lights around the deck rails. For weekend cook-outs, our wide selection of fixed and portable barbecue lights are the ultimate grilling accessory.
  • Adding Style with Outdoor Lights - With so many innovative designs available, you'll never have to sacrifice style for function. Showcase your home's character with decorative lighting options inspired by architecture. Expandable LED tape lights with color-changing technology and light patterns accentuate a contemporary design, while the warm glow from a string of vintage light bulbs enhances your traditional home's charm.

Discover Your Options

Outdoor lighting can have a huge impact on your home's exterior and provide a welcoming glow for your guests. Whether renovating your patio, redesigning your front porch or installing a brand new deck, exterior lighting is an affordable and creative way to enhance your home's appeal.