Li-Ion Battery Pack with Universal Smart Charger

Li-Ion Battery Pack with Universal Smart Charger



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Product Overview
  • Includes On/Off switch
  • Molex® connector
  • 71 Watt-hours
  • Charger compatible 100-240V
  • Compact size
  • Over charge protection
  • Battery level indicator
This is a 14.8-volt lithium-ion battery pack with a universal smart charger used to power a selection of battery operated LED lights.
To determine the battery life, divide 71 watt-hours by the total wattage being powered. For example, the battery will power one 6-watt LED light bulb for 12 hours, two 6-watt LED light bulbs for 6 hours, or three 6-watt LED light bulbs for 4 hours.
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Li-Ion Battery Pack with Universal Smart Charger
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Question from Kristiaan:

I don't understand how this works --- does it automatically charge the batteries when needed? I am looking at the battery operated recessed LEDs to install over my living room shelves.

Answer from Pegasus:

When the Li-Ion Battery pack is plugged into an outlet, it charges the batteries. This unit is designed to be charged and then used in a remote location where there is no power supply. The life of the battery before it is depleted and needs to be recharged is as follows: will power one 6-watt LED light bulb for 12 hours, two 6-watt LED light bulbs for 6 hours, or three 6-watt LED light bulbs for 4 hours

Question from Elizabeth:

Does this allow you to use a regular plug to plug you unit in? Do you have a rechargeable power supply unit that allows standard plug in?

Answer from Pegasus:

This is the only rechargeable power supply we offer. It's designed specifically for use with some of our display lights. The charger has a standard plug that will plug into a wall receptacle.

Question from Mitch:

In the display, during the show, the battery is positioned (two-sided tape or velcro, for example) at the point where we want to have the bottom of the lamp arm (MR16 Spot Wall Clamp Display Light with a Double Bend Fixed Arm) and then the lamp threads right into connector fittings ON the battery? is this correct? See sketch.

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, that's how the products work. The fixtures have a Molex style plug at the end of a lead wire that simply snaps into the battery. You will need to use a 2-way splitter accessory as well since you are connecting two fixtures to a single battery.

Question from Gzen:

How does the battery connect to the light fixture? It doesn't appear that this comes with a Molex connector/adapter to mate with the 2-way splitters.

Answer from Pegasus:

The battery pack does have a Molex connector to connect to the splitters and in turn the light fixture(s).

Question from Elena:

What are the dimensions and weight of the battery and how noisy is it when working?

Answer from Pegasus:

Elena, The battery dimensions: 4.75_ Long x 3_ Wide x 1.5_ Tall Weight: About 1 lb. No, it is not noisy like transformers.

Question from Steve:

How long does it take to recharge the LI-Ion Battery Pack?

Answer from Pegasus:

Between 2-4 hours.