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Convenient closet and pantry lighting
Pantries, closets, and storage rooms are typically the darkest areas in any home, yet they are the rooms that would benefit the most from a lighting makeover. A simple way to do this is with closet lighting or even wireless lighting fixtures for a quick but dramatic change. We have what you need to bring light into your closets and offer valuable tips on closet lighting ideas with wireless light fixtures.

Closet, Pantry, and Storage Area Lighting Tips

Closet and pantries are typically the most poorly lit areas of the home. Yet, they are extremely easy to devise a lighting plan for. So, let's talk a little about all of the different options for closet and pantry lighting. We will start off with the quick and easy solutions, and make our way to more involved installations.

If you are just wanting to add light to a closet that doesn't have an existing fixture at all, a battery operated ceiling light might be perfect for you. Especially, one that is motion-activated. Since the motion detector will work best when it is set up in a completely dark room, we recommend this type of fixture for a room you are only trying to add some light to, not enhance your current lighting situation. An LED battery operated ceiling light is extremely easy to install and does not require you to use any sort of outlet. Plus, one with a motion detector will automatically light up as soon as you walk into the room and turn off automatically a short time after you leave.

Another quick and easy solution for closet lighting is a battery operated puck light. You can set it up anywhere and many have self-adhesive tape on the back for easy installation. For most, a press in the center of the light will turn it on and off. You wouldn't want this to be your only source of light, but it is a great addition to any dim storage area.

Our microfluorescent fixtures are great to use as pantry or closet lighting too. They are low-profile, energy-efficient, and bright enough to illuminate a large storage area. All of our microfluorescent fixtures come complete with a silent, built-in electronic ballast, ensuring the fixture turns on immediately with no flickering or humming. Most include an on-off button rocker switch and mounting clips to provide for easy installation.

A microfluorescent T4 fixture is a perfect solution. The "T" stands for tubular, and the number following it represents the diameter of the lamp in eighths of an inch. A two-wire, or non-grounded, light fixture is used in a residential application. While commercial installations typically require a grounded, or three-wire fixture. Most come with a power cord to plug in to an existing electrical outlet, or can be hardwired using an optional hardwire junction box. In addition, most are linkable, allowing you to directly connect two fixtures together, or use an optional linking cable if you want more space between fixtures or installing around a corner.

As you can see in our video, these work very well if they are installed lining the door frames of a pantry or closet. Another great application for microfluorescent fixtures is to use them on the underside of shelving. As far as installation goes, all of our microfluorescent fixtures are very easy. You simply screw in two mounting clips, snap the fixture into place, and you are done.

Finally, you can use an incandescent or fluorescent ceiling mount fixture for your closet or pantry. Hopefully, our video gave you some new ideas for all the different options for closet and pantry lighting. As always, feel free to call our customer service number, or use our live text chat if you would like help with your particular installation. Good luck!