Battery Operated Under Cabinet Lighting

If hardwiring or plugging in new under cabinet lights is not a practical option for you, you can still enjoy the enhanced functionality of great kitchen light layering by choosing wireless under cabinet lights. All of our battery operated under cabinet lights use energy efficient LEDs, which provide cool, bright lighting to any environment and allow for extended battery life. There are several scenarios where under cabinet battery lighting can be your best option.

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When Battery Powered Under Cabinet Lighting is the Right Choice

Tight Budget

Battery operated under cabinet lights can often be less expensive up front, since the fixtures themselves are usually fairly inexpensive and you do not have to pay anyone to install them. Your long term expenses should be minimum as well, since battery powered under cabinet LED light fixtures won’t impact your electricity bill and the energy efficient LED light source can extend the life of your batteries.

Limited Power Source or Time

Maybe hardwiring is impractical or electrical sockets are unavailable where you need them around your kitchen countertop. Cordless under cabinet lights become a great option. You never have to worry about voltages, transformers, or electricians when your lights run on batteries.


Obviously battery powered lights are completely wireless. Thus, they are extremely simple to install. Most of our battery undercabinet lights come with sturdy adhesive, but some can also be screwed in. The unobtrusive shapes of our battery operated puck lights makes them particularly great under-cabinet lights, because they can easily fit almost anywhere.

Temporary or Rented Space

Close to 35% of US residents live in rental spaces, and landlords sometimes have strict rules about permanent changes to rented properties. If this is the case for you, don’t sweat it – you can still have great lighting in your kitchen! Our battery operated under counter lights use adhesive, so they can be placed anywhere with minimum effort and are simple to remove when it’s time to move out.