Battery Operated Motion Sensor Lights

To provide illumination in areas that have limited or no access to electricity, there is no better solution than battery powered motion sensor lights. Whether you want a security light for your yard, a nightlight for a room, or a sensor light for any other application in your home or office, our battery motion sensor light catalog here at Pegasus Lighting is sure to have what you need to improve safety and security. Light up the important living spaces and other areas in your life with motion sensor technology.

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No Electrical Outlet Required

Lights That Turn On and Off Automatically

Cordless motion activated lights are perfect for areas without a nearby electrical outlet because their sensors ensure that these battery-operated motion detector lights only shine when they are needed. There is no need to worry about shutting off a battery-operated motion sensor light when you leave a room or other area, for once motion has ceased, the light will shut off automatically.

In addition to the automatic shut off feature of the products in our battery motion sensor light catalog, they also save energy. These battery operated motion sensor lights use energy efficient LEDs, ensuring a very long battery life. You will not have to be replacing the batteries in your battery operated motion sensor lights very often because LEDs are not a major drain on your batteries’ capacity. Over time, these battery operated motion sensor light products cost less to maintain than sensor lights that do not make use of LED technology, which is another great incentive for choosing these lighting options.

Battery powered motion sensor lights come in many different shapes and sizes, and we offer an extensive number of lights that are perfect for your specific needs. Why not check out these lighting options for yourself? Click on any of the battery-operated motion sensor lights on this page for more information on its specific features and benefits. We’re sure that you will be pleased with your purchase.