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Barbecue Lights

A must-have item for the outdoor chef or griller. Make cooking out easier and provide the kind of focused task lighting you need to gauge cooking times with a barbecue light. Our grill lights are easy to install and weather resistant, and you can choose between halogen, xenon, or LED to add a practical feature to your outdoor deck area.

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Choose the Right Barbeque Light for You

Selecting the right grill light depends on several factors, including the current illumination that you have at your grill as well as concerns for energy usage. An LED barbecue grill light is the best choice for energy efficiency and they do not throw off too much heat while they are in use. Your grill is already hot, and you do not want your barbecue light to add any unnecessary heat on a warm summer evening when you are grilling.

If you do not have much light already at your grill site, a halogen or xenon BBQ grill light is another option to seriously consider. Both provide a good deal of light as they tend to produce more lumen output than LED barbecue lights. The one downside to a halogen grill light, however, is that it often produces a great deal of heat. That can be a plus for winter grilling but is less useful during the summer season. By the way, a xenon grill light generates less heat than halogen but more than LED.

Many of our grill lights are clamp-on. This allows you to temporarily mount a BBQ light almost anywhere. When mounted, you will not have to worry about knocking it over. When you need to move your grill, a clamp-on barbecue light can be easily transported along with it.