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Create eye-catching displays for your home or business with backlighting. Illuminated transparency graphics can make deep impacts on viewers, keeping your ideas bouncing around in the viewers' minds for a long time. The backlighting of white or colored translucent panels, with or without a pattern, creates a dramatic visual effect, especially when there is very little light in the space coming from other sources. Backlighting opaque objects can create a modern look that helps viewers identify your business with innovation and intelligence.

Back Lighting Display Solutions

Types of Backlighting

Backlit displays are typically composed of light strips placed behind opaque objects like company names or are constructed using light boxes. Backlighting opaque objects can create a fetching halo effect that calls attention to the shape and edges of the display. Light boxes illuminate translucent signs, making your graphics glow magnificently.

Types of Light Source

There are three main types of light sources commonly used for backlighting displays: Fluorescent, LED, and xenon. Fluorescent and LED lamps are very efficient and run cooler than xenon lamps, which may be important, since your light source will likely be close to the object you are illuminating. Light source also determines dimmability to a large extent: It is possible to dim all three light sources, but with fluorescent and LED lamps, you need extra equipment.

Tips to Avoid "Hot Spots"

The most effective backlit display for a marketing promotion, sign, photography, or exhibition display board has continuous lighting with no "hot spots." To accomplish this you could paint the "cavity" behind the object being displayed a matte white. This will help to scatter the light.

If you are using a lighted box, try to "hide" the linear lights around the edges and provide some sort of opaque shield, if possible, so that light cannot travel directly from the backlights through the translucent panel. If the light fixtures need to be placed directly behind the translucent panel to light it adequately, then add a plastic diffuser between the lights and the panel.