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MR16 Halogen 24-inch Open Face Straight Arm Display Light with Mounting Bracket

MR16 Halogen 24-inch Open Face Straight Arm Display Light with Mounting Bracket


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Product Overview
  • Satin chrome finish
  • 24in fixed arm
  • Fully adjustable head
  • Light bulb included
  • Transformer included
This low voltage (12 volts) halogen display light in a satin chrome finish comes with a quiet electronic transformer and 50-watt MR16 light bulb. It has a 24-inch fixed arm with a fully adjustable head and is ideal for lighting trade show booths, museum exhibits, retail displays, artwork, signs, or wall hangings.

What's Included

  • Complete Arm Light: includes arm light fixture, mounting bracket, plug-in transformer, and halogen MR16 bulb.

Optional Accessories Sold Separately

  • Replacement Light Bulbs
  • Light Filters/Lenses: a variety of filters and lenses, including colored, spread, and UV, are available for a custom lighting effect.
  • Clip-On Holder: secures filters/lenses to MR16 light bulb
Pegasus Select
This hand-picked Pegasus Select product reflects our belief that everyone should have access to great lighting. We search through massive amounts of products to bring our customers the best deals in quality lighting.

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Light Source
Power Method
Satin Chrome
Las Vegas Convention Center Approved
Color of Light
Light Bulb Base Type
GU5.3 Bipin
Beam Spread
Light Bulbs Included
Light Bulb Shape
Arm Type
Clamp Type
Light Fixture Type
Arm Light
Voltage System
Low Voltage
Pegasus Select
Arm Height (in)
Input Voltage
2 Years
Power Cord Length
On/Off Switch
No Switch
Mounting Type
Power Cord Included
Quantity Being Sold
MR16 Halogen 24-inch Open Face Straight Arm Display Light with Mounting Bracket
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0 questions
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Question from Greta:

Does this come with a shorter arm?

Answer from Pegasus:

This particular model is not available in a shorter length.

Question from Chris Johnston:

Since it is an MR16 socket, in theory, I could eliminate the halogen and put in 12V LED, right?

Answer from Pegasus:

Correct - you can replace the halogen MR16 with an LED MR16.

Question from Allan:

Can you use an outlet dimmer for the AC side with the included transformer?

Answer from Pegasus:

The manufacturer does not recommend dimming the transformer included with these display lights.

Question from Keivn:

Is there a bracket that mounts to the shelf header allowing the bracket on the fixture to slide into it?

Answer from Pegasus:

Kevin, The only bracket we offer is the one picture, which simply attaches to a vertical surface using screws and the mounting holes.

Question from Mike:

Can you 'daisy chain' more than one light to a single transformer? If so, how many lights can be linked together?

Answer from Pegasus:

No, the transformer and the light fixture have connectors on the end of the lead wires that do not allow them to be daisy chained.

Question from Michele:

Could this be hard wired to light a bookcase? If not, is there a hardwire version?

Answer from Pegasus:

No, this includes a plug-in transformer. I'm sorry, there is not a hardwire version of this exact fixture.

Question from Mischa:

Will an LED MR16 light work in this fixture?

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, if the LED MR16 is compatible with an electronic transformer.

Question from garrett:

As a reminder, you asked: What is the height of this arm from the mounting plate to the top of the bulb? Here is our answer: Garrett, the arm length is about 24in long. My response: Actually you did not read my previous question correctly. the arm LENGTH is 24 - yes I know. I didn't ask that. I asked the HEIGHT from the top of the mounting plate to the top of the bulb. Since the arm is at an angle and not straight, the height would be less than 24. I'm asking this because this will be mounted on a piece of artwork that is rather close to the ceiling and these lights are quite long. Perhaps a diagram would help: (On another note, it's not very customer friendly to send me an email response from an address that cannot be replied to. I had to go find the original product listing on your web site, then resubmit another question and upload the graphic)...

Answer from Pegasus:

I misunderstood your original question. Sorry about that. The ??? label on your diagram, what you are calling the height from the mounting bracket to the top of the light bulb is 8.5in.

Question from Garrett:

What is the height of this arm from the mounting plate to the top of the bulb?

Answer from Pegasus:

Garrett, the height from the mounting plate to the top of the bulb is 8.5in

Question from Garrett:

Do you have this exact style but in a shorter length? I like how it mounts.

Answer from Pegasus:

No, we do not have this exact style in a shorter length.