Arm Lights

Whether you are interested in lighting artwork, a display board, shelving, or a pop-display in your store, arm lighting is a brilliant choice. To suit your specific needs, arm lights come in flexible, fixed, and telescoping models. They can be mounted to walls, ceilings or clamped onto display walls, shelves, or pipes. We also offer a lot of flexibility in terms of light source and power supply: Choose from halogen, LED, or incandescent light sources, and decide if you want arm lights that plug in, get hardwired, or run on lithium batteries.

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The Right Display Arm Light For You

Choosing the Right Light Source

While incandescent light sources are still options for arm display lights, halogen and LED are the most popular choices. Halogen renders colors perfectly, while LED offers very crisp light for maximum efficiency.

Types of Fixtures

The three main types of arm lights are flexible, telescoping, and fixed arm lights. Flexible arms give a ton of, well, flexibility, in how you direct your display lights. Take advantage of this in practical terms by directing light wherever you want, whenever you want. Exercise some creativity by shaping the arm to form a unique line. Telescoping arms are excellent for lighting an area in which different things are displayed at different times. They are rigid and can accommodate display items of different sizes. Finally, fixed arm lights are great when you are creating a more permanent display.

Types of Mounts

The kind of mounts for arm lighting include wall, ceiling, and clamp-on. Wall and ceiling-mounted arm lights are great for retail or home displays because they are strong, flush-mounted, and permanent. Wall clamp and pipe clamp lights are excellent choices for trade shows in particular, and any temporary exhibit in general.

Power Source

If you are displaying artwork in your home or business, you may want to have your arm lighting hard-wired. This is the cleanest, most inconspicuous option. However, if you are designing a pop-up display or trade show exhibit, battery operated and plug-in options will be very attractive to you because of the ease with which they can be set-up, taken down, and moved around.