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Splice Connectors for LED Flexible Tape Light (5 Pack)

Splice Connectors for LED Flexible Tape Light (5 Pack)



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American Lighting

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Product Overview
  • Links 2 sections
  • Pack of 5
  • White
Splice connectors electrically link two sections of LED tape light together end-to-end.
American Lighting
American Lighting manufactures a wide range of lighting solutions for your residential, commercial, and specialty lighting needs. They strive to be a lighting solutions provider by offering customers a broad line of innovative and high quality lighting products.

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American Lighting
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Splice Connectors for LED Flexible Tape Light (5 Pack)
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Question from John Allan:

Do you offer male and female 12 volt plugs? Thank you.

Answer from Pegasus:

John: I am not sure I am understanding your question correctly but I am going to give it a go. The product you asked your question on is a splice connector which links (2) pieces of tape light together. It is a female to female. If you are asking whether we sell male and female 12-volt plugs I am not sure what kind of product you are referring to. If I did not answer your question correctly please email us at support@pegasuslighting.com with some additional information. For example, what are you trying to accomplish? Thanks!