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Matte Black LED Recessed Mini Swivel Light

Matte Black LED Recessed Mini Swivel Light



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American Lighting

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Product Overview
  • Bright white light
  • Swivels 30° any direction
  • Produces minimal heat
  • High CRI (85)
  • No harmful UV/IR rays
  • Life: 60,000 hours
  • Call for custom orders
This energy-efficient LED recessed mini swivel light with a 3100K, single bright white LED has a long rated life and gives off very little heat. This led light fixture is perfect in cabinets, display cases, retail environments, entertainment centers, architectural built-ins, back bar displays, restaurants, museums and art galleries, and as niche lighting.
American Lighting
American Lighting manufactures a wide range of lighting solutions for your residential, commercial, and specialty lighting needs. They strive to be a lighting solutions provider by offering customers a broad line of innovative and high quality lighting products.

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Light Source
Power Method
Color of Light
Light Bulbs Included
Recessed Diameter
Light Fixture Type
Puck Light
Voltage System
Low Voltage
American Lighting
Diameter (in)
Height (in)
Cutout Required (in)
Beam Angle (degrees)
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Number of LEDs
Kelvin Color Temperature
Rated Life (hours)
Wire Gauge (AWG)
Input Voltage
1 Year
Die Cast Aluminum
Mounting Type
Emits UV/IR Radiation
Wiring Type
Quantity Being Sold
Matte Black LED Recessed Mini Swivel Light
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0 questions
Ask a Question

Question from Shelley Ives:

I need a five light kit do you have one

Answer from Pegasus:

Shelley, can build a larger kit than what we have on our site. Give us a call and we will be happy to help. Thanks!

Question from Ummer:

Please let me the country of origin.

Answer from Pegasus:

These are made in China.

Question from Ken:

Basically, two questions: 1. Are these dimmable using a low voltage wall mounted dimmer switch ? 2. I need six in all to operate off of one switch. It seems the maximum I can order is one kit with 4 fixtures. So do I order two 3 fixture sets and will they link together to operate on my wall dimmer switch?

Answer from Pegasus:

Ken, the LED drivers included with these kits are NOT dimmable. We sell kits up to 4 lights on our website. If you'd like to order a kit larger then 4, please give us a call. Thanks!

Question from Ken Johnson:

Can these bulbs change light colors?

Answer from Pegasus:

No, they do not change colors.

Question from Zak:

I have a stairway with a stair above that is finished drywall, the depth seems to be good for the notch into the up stair cavity. Do you think 3 or 4 would lighten 9 rises a total of 9 feet?

Answer from Pegasus:

Zak, no, I do not think these would light 9ft. They are meant to light small spaces like inside of a cabinet.

Question from Scott:

I am building a wall of open cabinetry (stacked boxes under a staircase), and would use a total of 14 of these lights for this application (1 for each cabinet/box). Is it possible to link 4 sets together? Is there a better way to accomplish, i.e., a larger driver/transformer to support all 14? The lead wires should be long enough for most, but if I kept all connections in one junction box (preferable), would need a lead wire 90in+ for a few. Any help you could provide would be appreciated.

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, it is possible to connect 14 of these lights to a single driver. This is the driver you would need to use - http://www.pegasuslighting.com/constant-current-led-driver-15w-350ma-hardwire-dimmable.html Please call our customer service and we would be happy to help you with ordering the necessary parts.

Question from Livier:

Can I use these lights in a shower niche?

Answer from Pegasus:

No because they are not suitable for wet locations.

Question from Evan:

I am wanting to install these lights in a custom headboard as reading lights. Will the light reach between 18-24 inches for reading?

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, the light will reach but I would personally recommend a bright light fixture for reading lights. These items are designed for accent lighting.

Question from Rob R:

Is this product dimmable? The web page description says it is not however the Specification Sheet says Dimmable with most standard incandescent dimmers only when powered by LED-DR36-350D. I need to know which is correct.

Answer from Pegasus:

Rob, These are dimmable only when powered by a specific dimmable driver that is no longer available. The spec sheet needs updated. I apologize for the confusion.

Question from Katie Christensen:

Is this unit UL rated?

Answer from Pegasus:

The actual fixture is not UL rated but the drivers are UL recognized.

Question from Rafal:

Hello I want to order the Warm Light 3100K or Very Warm Light. It Is special prices for this Lights? Send me inf. please, how to order. Regards: Rafael

Answer from Pegasus:

Rafal - these mini swivel lights are available only in 3100K, warm white light at the price shown on our page. To order, determine how many lights you would like & what finish you would like them to be and then make the corresponding selections in our drop down boxes. Let me know if you have any more questions!

Question from Vicki Jo:

To install can lighting do I need anything but the housing and the trim package?

Answer from Pegasus:

To replace the lens, turn the lens frame counterclockwise to remove. Replace the lens by placing it upright on the LED cover and replacing the lens frame over the top. Turn the lens frame clockwise until snug.

Question from Howe:

Are these light any good for lighting artwork and if so how far out in the ceiling would you go?

Answer from Pegasus:

I would not recommend these lights for illuminating artwork from the ceiling. I do not think they will be bright enough. Their primary purpose is for accent lighting in cabinets or display lights.

Question from Javier Elizondo:

What is the voltage of the 1.25watt led light?

Answer from Pegasus:

These kids include an LED driver that steps down 120V line voltage to 3-9V 350ma constant current output.

Question from Javier Elizondo:

I have to mount these facing upwards. Can I put on them a LED light smaller than 1.25watt? What will that be?

Answer from Pegasus:

Javier, these should not be installed pointing upward. If you install them that way the heat generated by the fixture will not properly dissipate causing the LEDs to fail prematurely. In addition, the LEDs are integrated into the light fixture... they cannot be replaced like standard light bulbs.

Question from Ben:

I would like to use the led's in my motorhome. Can i use the 12 vdc to power or do I need to use your power supply and power them with 110 vac? Either way, I would like to switch each light individually for reading lights over the headboard (pointing straight down, could you provide the wiring schematic?

Answer from Pegasus:

Ben, you must use the included LED driver. These lights run off 350ma of constant current. They do not run on 12VDC. You would connect the driver to line voltage. Please see the specifications for wiring diagrams - http://www.pegasuslighting.com/led-recessed-mini-swivel-lights-1-watt.html#specifications