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Clear Plastic Mounting Clip for LED Rope Light

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Clear Plastic Mounting Clip for LED Rope Light


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Product Overview
  • "U" shaped
  • 2 Holes for screws
  • Holds LED rope light securely in place
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A mounting clip for LED rope light is available from Pegasus Lighting.
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Clear Plastic Mounting Clip for LED Rope Light
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High quality product

Submitted by |

This product is made of heavier and more pliable material than the clips that came with my rope lights that I purchased locally. I use these clips when the rope lights change directions or other high stress situations, because these clips hold the rope lights more securely, and I believe will be more durable. I use these clips in areas that are not suitable for the mounting channel, like short distance structure transitions and rock ledges.



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LED rope light mounting clips

Submitted by |

Basically, the clips are satisfactory and I recommend them. However, they would be more satisfactory if the screw heads were larger. It can be very difficult to apply sufficient torque when the screw heads are so small. The screwdriver tends to slip and, if a standard smaller screwdriver is used, the handle it too small to apply sufficient torque, especially when working in an awkward position. Perhaps an alternative to making the screw heads bigger would be to offer for sale, at a low price, a screwdriver that would work well with the provided screws. Again, I do recommend the mounting clips even though it can be difficult to install them.

They work as intended.

It is very difficult to tighten the screws.

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Question from Lou Tucker:

1. How long are the screws. 2. I intend to mount the rope lighting horizontally on a 18' X 15' screened in patio and along the aluminum top frame boarder edge. Will the screw hold the weight of the clip and rope if i install them every 2 -3 feet?

Answer from Pegasus:

The screws are 5/8 inches long. The recommended spacing for the clips is every foot. If spaced further apart, you might experience drooping in the rope. The screw would probably hold it in place as long as the screw is in a solid surface. If it is just going into the aluminum frame and there is not a solid surface behind it, I would have my doubts as to whether or not the screws would hold.

Question from Linda:

I'm mounting the rope lights above crown molding and am wondering, if I use the clips, at what interval would they need to be placed. Would the channel better serve my purposes?

Answer from Pegasus:

Mounting channel might not be a bad idea. It will keep the rope light straight and would be more secure. If you use mounting clips, be sure they are spaced a maximum of 12in apart.

Question from Mike Hoyt:

Do you have these in 1/2 inch

Answer from Pegasus:

No, at this time these are the only LED rope light clips we offer.