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5in Line Voltage Recessed Lighting Trim with Gimbal

5in Line Voltage Recessed Lighting Trim with Gimbal



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Nora Lighting

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Product Overview
  • 4 finishes
  • Outside diameter 6.5in
  • Order lamp separately
The adjustable gimbal on this five-inch recessed lighting trim allows you to direct the light. Accent a display, wall hanging, or sculpture; or provide task lighting for a particular area.

What's Included

  • Recessed Trim: includes recessed trim and torsion springs for securing trim to housing.

Required Accessories Sold Separately

  • Recessed Housing: each trim requires its own recessed housing. Several housings are available to suit different installation types.
  • One PAR30 light bulb with a max wattage of 75W is required for each trim. An LED, halogen, or even CFL PAR30 light bulb can be used with this trim.
Nora Lighting
Among the industry's leading designers and suppliers of energy-efficient lighting systems for commercial, architectural, retail, hospitality, healthcare, educational, and residential applications, Nora Lighting products have become benchmarks for innovation, quality, and new energy-efficiency standards. For over 25 years, Nora Lighting has been committed to excellence by building a strong reputation as a leader in quality, value, customer service, and innovation.

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Nora Lighting
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1 Year
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5in Line Voltage Recessed Lighting Trim with Gimbal
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Question from Dave:

Can this light be installed outside in the soffit?

Answer from Pegasus:

This trim is suitable for damp locations. If the soffit will protect the trim from direct water spray then yes you can. If the trim will occasionally be exposed to water spray, e.g. rain, snow, then you will need to use a wet location trim, which is sometimes called a shower trim.

Question from bettina schneider:

hi there, i am looking for a light with this look--circular, with a tilt option. (image attached). chrome or brushed aluminum finish. BUT--i want to use par 20 bulbs, 3000 kelvin and am looking for a 30 degree beam spread. our housing options are such that we can work with anything from 4in to 7in depth. our ceilings are 10' high and this is for our kitchen. i don't want the outside diameter to be bigger than 6.5in, or smaller than 4.5in. what do you recommend for housing, trim and bulbs? oh--we want the bulb to look as un-crazy as possible--meaning, as much like a traditional bulb as possible. minimal fins and circles...let me know what you have that could be combined? i will need about a dozen of these...thank you! bettina.schneider@me.com or 917-860-9037

Answer from Pegasus:

In order to fit your ceiling thickness, you will need to use a nominal 4in recessed light. Here's a similar 4in trim but for use with a PAR20 light bulb. http://www.pegasuslighting.com/4inch-recessed-lighting-trim-adjustable-gimbal.html I would suggest this halogen PAR20 - the flood option. It's warm white with a 30 degree beam spread. http://www.pegasuslighting.com/bulbrite-par20-energy-efficient-halogen-light-bulbs-39w.html For the housing, it depends on whether you are doing a remodel or new construction install and whether there is ceiling insulation present. I am guessing you are doing a remodel. Here's 1 possibility. All other options are visible on the Accessories section (right hand side) of the trim page. http://www.pegasuslighting.com/4inch-recessed-lighting-housing-remodel-airtight.html If you need any more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks

Question from Diego Ballina:

if the can measures 4 7/8in do I shop for 5in???

Answer from Pegasus:

You should look at four inch trims. Manufacturers tend to round down with the nominal diameters.

Question from Jonathan:

Is this fixture dimmable?

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, it's dimmable.

Question from Frank:

How many degrees from vertical can this be tilted? Thanks in advance, Frank

Answer from Pegasus:

Frank, It can be adjusted up to 28_ from the vertical.

Question from Daniel:

What is the size of the opening for this trim?

Answer from Pegasus:

Daniel, Approximately 5.5in. The outside diameter is 6.5in.

Question from Bill:

If these are ceiling retro fitted and mounted, how do you maintain the integrity of the ceiling vapor barrier?

Answer from Pegasus:

Bill, Thanks for the question. The vapor barrier would have to be cut in order to install these. If you use a compatible wet location housing, then the recessed light should be perfectly suitable for wet locations. Whether the vapor barrier would be compromised, I honestly do not know. I would think the goal would be to seal the barrier around the recessed light, with caulk or some other method. I would strongly suggest contacting an contractor who is knowledgeable of local building codes.