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4in Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Trim with Surface Adjustable Eyeball

4in Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Trim with Surface Adjustable Eyeball



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Product Overview
  • Multiple finishes
  • Eyeball adjusts 45°
  • Use MR16 halogen
  • Order lamp separately
  • Sloped ceiling approved
Recessed trims with adjustable eyeballs are ideal for lighting a sloped ceiling, as the light can be directed to enhance the room even after installation. Highlight a work of art, a fireplace mantel, or simply direct light to bounce off the wall using the adjustable eyeball. This four-inch low voltage (12 volts) recessed lighting trim is available in several finishes to fit any decor.
Trim Outside Diameter (in)
Quantity Being Sold
Number of Light Bulbs
Light Source
Natural Metal
Location Rating
Input Voltage
Light Bulbs Included
Light Bulb Shape
1 Year
Recommended Dimmer
Magnetic Low Voltage
Mounting Type
Recessed Housing
Recessed Diameter
Recessed Trim Type
Trim Secures to Housing
Trim Clips
Light Fixture Type
Recessed Trim
Separate Component Required
4in Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Trim with Surface Adjustable Eyeball
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0 questions
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Question from Martin:

How do you replace the bulb?

Answer from Pegasus:

Martin: The lamp used with this trim is an MR16 halogen with a bipin base. The base of the lamp has two male pins that push into a cable included with the housing that has the female side of the connection. When the MR16 lamp needs to be replaced a circular trim piece around the lamp will be removed and the lamp can be easily replaced.

Question from Gary:

Are these lights compatible with a Lutron dimmer system?

Answer from Pegasus:

Gary, Yes, if you use one of our compatible 120V housings. You should use a Lutron magnetic low voltage dimmer. http://www.pegasuslighting.com/magnetic-low-voltage-dimmers.html

Question from Kristen:

Is there a remodel IC rate can for this trim kit?

Answer from Pegasus:

No, a remodel IC can is not available for this trim.

Question from Jason:

It mentions magnetic, but can this be ordered or configured to accept an electronic (ELV) dimmer?

Answer from Pegasus:

All of the compatible housings use an integral magnetic transformer so a magnetic dimmer is the best type to use.

Question from Christie Jacobs:

Hi - I just want to confirm that this recessed light is OK for outdoor use. We want to use this light in a porch ceiling.

Answer from Pegasus:

It's suitable for damp locations when used with a compatible housing. If your porch ceiling will not be exposed to direct water spray, e.g. rain, then yes it's OK to use outside.

Question from James:

Are any of the cans that are available to use with this trim rated for insulation contact?

Answer from Pegasus:

James, This compatible housing is suitable for contact with insulation: http://www.pegasuslighting.com/4inch-12v-recessed-lighting-housing-ic-airtight.html

Question from Mark:

What is the depth of this light? How much of it gets placed into the ceiling? Do they have their own switch?

Answer from Pegasus:

The depth is 1-5/8in. All but the trim installs in a recessed housing.No, it does not have its own switch. This recessed trim must be installed in a compatible recessed housing. Generally recessed housings are wired to a wall switch or dimmer.
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