Employment Opportunities

Why do You Want to Work for Pegasus Lighting?

  • Because you want to make an impact on a company...NOW! Your ideas will be heard without having to schedule boring meetings and writing formal reports. Just pick up the phone or email.
  • Because you want to gain valuable experience in e-commerce. Once you start working for Pegasus Lighting you will dive right into the deep end making an impact in the company on a daily, even hourly, basis. The e-commerce world moves fast and it’s a blast moving fast right along with it.
  • Because you hate being bored doing the same thing over and over and over again. Not going to happen at Pegasus Lighting! Your closet will get full with the many hats you will wear working for us.
  • Because you are a self-starter who hates being micro-managed.
  • Since most of our positions are work from home, you won’t want to wear fancy suits and have a long commute five days a week. Every day can be pajama day! Of course, we do ask that when you leave the house you put on something other than your pajamas. For positions that do require you to be in our office, our dress code is dressed. Easy!


If you are interested in learning about new employment opportunities with us please follow us on the social media network of your choice. When a position opens up we will post to all of our social channels.