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Product Overview:
  • 2 Attractive finishes
  • Durable construction
  • Very low profile
  • Light bulb included
  • Easy installation
  • UL Listed
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Xenon Low Voltage Steel Puck Lights

Pegasus Lighting BBB Business Review

Xenon Low Voltage Steel Puck Lights

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About our Xenon Low Voltage Steel Puck Lights

These high-quality steel puck lights will dramatically illuminate your counter tops, shelves, or cabinets with bright, crisp light. Since these puck lights use xenon light bulbs, they are cooler than halogen and the light bulbs will last longer before needing replaced. They are fully dimmable, easy to install, and can be surface or recess mounted.


  • 2 Attractive Finishes:
    Matte Black (model # P04412-BK)
    Brushed Steel (model # P04412-BS)
  • Durable Construction: heavy-gauge steel housing
  • Versatile Mounting: can be either surface mounted or recessed mounted
  • Very Low Profile: when surface mounted, it has a total depth of 13/16 inches with a round face that measures 2-13/16 inches in diameter. When recessed mounted, it needs a circular hole that is about 2-1/8 inches in diameter. When it is recessed only about 1/16 inch of trim will show.
  • Even Light Distribution: frosted glass diffuser for even light distribution (Because xenon lamps are much cooler than halogen lamps the lens does NOT have to be made of tempered glass.)
  • Cooler Than Halogen: xenon light bulbs give off much less heat than comparable halogen light bulbs
  • Intended to Shine Down: has been designed to be used so that the light is directed downward. If the Puck Light is installed so that it is facing upward, too much heat may be trapped inside the fixture.
  • Long Electrical Leads: each has a pair of 72in electrical lead wires which can be shortened “in the field” if necessary. For best results we recommend that you not try to put a puck light any further than 6 feet from the electronic transformer.


  • Xenon Light Bulb Is Included: a 20-watt, 12-volt, xenon bipin light bulb with a G4 base and an MOL (maximum overall length) of 1-1/16in is supplied with each puck. [Caution: Xenon bipin lamps that are longer than 1-1/16in from tip to tip will not fit.]
  • Excellent Color Rendering: CRI is 100 for all xenon lamps (100 is considered to be the best)
  • Warm White Light: color temperature of 3000K (warm appearance, very slightly cooler in appearance than a standard clear incandescent light bulb)
  • Good Lamp Life: rated life is 10,000 hours on average (In contrast, a 20-watt, bipin halogen lamp is generally rated at about 2,500 hours.)
  • Easy Lamp Handling: unlike a halogen light bulb the glass envelope of a xenon light bulb may be touched with bare hands (while the lamp is cool) without causing the lamp to fail prematurely


One 12-volt electronic transformer is required for powering the puck lights. Be sure to select a transformer with a wattage rating equal to or slightly greater than the total wattage of the puck lights being powered. Click here to visit our electronic transformers page for all options.

  • Calculating Total Wattage: to determine the transformer you need, calculate the total wattage rating of your installation by multiplying the number of puck lights you intend to power by 20 watts. For example, for 3 puck lights, you would need to select a transformer rated for at least 60 watts (3 Puck Lights x 20W/puck = 60W).
  • Plug-In Electronic Transformers: are wired with a terminal block to the xenon puck lights. Since this transformer is simply plugged into the nearest electrical outlet it provides ease of installation. Puck lights connected to a plug-in transformer are dimmable with the hinge/touch pad dimmer.
  • Hardwire Electronic Transformers: have four leads, two of which are connected (hardwired with terminal blocks) to power and two of which are connected (hardwired with terminal blocks) to the xenon puck lights. Hardwire transformers allows the xenon puck lights to be controlled by a wall dimmer.


  • Terminal Block: for tight low voltage connections from the transformer to the fixtures
  • 3-Level Hinge or Touch Pad Dimmer: for dimming puck lights connected to plug-in transformers
  • Electronic Low Voltage Wall Dimmers: for dimming puck lights connected to hardwire transformers
  • Pack of 2 Replacement Light Bulbs


  • Easy to Install: please refer to these Installation Instructions (PDF). Always check local electrical codes and the National Electrical Code (NEC) before installing any lighting products. It is also wise to consult with a licensed electrician in your geographical area about any electrical details that you might have questions about and to make certain that you are satisfying all of the appropriate electrical codes.
  • Recessed Mount Installation: these pucks should only be recessed mounted when top of cabinet is not enclosed
  • Minimum Clearance: lights should not be located in a compartment smaller than 1 cubic foot for each light fixture. Do not locate lights closer than 2in from cabinet wall.
  • Parallel Wiring: each puck light wires directly to the electronic transformer. They cannot be wired in series/linked together.


  • UL Listed in the USA & Canada
  • Large Quantity Discount: If you would like us to quote on a large quantity of Xenon Low Voltage Steel Puck Lights, please call us at our toll-free number or use the online Quotation Request for Large Quantities form. We are always happy to provide you with our best large quantity pricing.

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Specifications & Measurements

Dimensions of Xenon Low Voltage Steel Puck Lights

Foot-Candle Chart

Footcandle Chart for Xenon Low Voltage Steel Puck Lights

Product Reviews
Xenon Low Voltage Steel Puck Lights
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
New Hartford, NY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 28, 2013
I installed a set of 3 lights under a hutch in my computer desk at home. They work beautifully and provide a sufficient amount of light for reading or whatever. It took some time and patience to install them, but well worth the effort.
Color matches the hutch Sufficient bright light for my needs Very nicely designed

Ben Ryan
Canmore, Alberta
5 Stars

Need more online information
January 26, 2013
This is a great item, however, I'm very disappointed with it's limitations. I purchased them for a specific spot in a cabinet that was being built, but when I read the installation instructions and warnings that came with the product, I realized I could not use the puck lights in the cabinet. When I read the product information online, there wasn't any mention of "clearances above the fixture" which must be maintained. You should adjust your product description to include all dimensions in a clearer diagram, and show clearances from combustibles that must be maintained in a clear, concise diagram, so the purchaser won't be surprised when they receive the product.
Nice small size
Must maintain overhead clearance

Questions & Answers
By Lorna from San Diego, CA on November 9, 2014
Can these puck lights be used inside a glass cabinet? I plan on surface mounting them to the top of the cabinet and understand that they have to be at least 2" from cabinet wall.
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on November 9, 2014

Absolutely they can be mounted in a glass cabinet.
By Jurgen from Virginia on November 9, 2014

I don't see why not, they get hot but not nearly as hot as halogens. Shouldn't be a problem unless you put them in a small, airtight space. You should be aware that they'll heat up the inside of the cabinet, though. I've used them inside a standard kitchen wall cabinet with glass doors, and it gets pretty warm inside that cabinet if you leave them on for a while -- but not dangerously so.
By Brian W. from Nashville, TN on November 9, 2014

These lights generate a LOT of heat, and in my opinion could become a fire hazard inside a cabinet. We have them as under-cabinet lights, and even with adding an extra 1/8" of open space at the top of each puck, they've scorched the wood above. In your application I would recommend LED puck lights ... hopefully they would be much cooler. That's what I plan to replace these with, eventually.
By Richard from Clermont, FL on November 9, 2014

Yes, the fixtures are designed to be surface mounted. They will provide a great source of light and accent the contents of your cabinet very well. I would recommend however looking at the LED low wattage pucks. They are a lot more efficient and will not produce as much heat. Most of my customers have put the xenon pucks on dimmers. The LED's tend to be the correct amount of light that most people desire, therefore eliminating the need for a dimmer.
By Tony from Georgia on November 10, 2014

I installed these inside the enclosed cabinets of a wine hutch I built last year - they work fine. The carcass of the hutch being painted and glazed wood, I was somewhat concerned the surface mounted fixtures might scorch the paint. So far, so good. Having said that, we don't burn the lights for hours-on-end or overnight. Be sure to maintain the appropriate clearance and don't install in an area less than 1 cubic foot.

By Ron from Minneapolis on March 12, 2013
What are the required clearances for this fixture? I find it hard to believe you don't make this very clear on your website.
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on March 12, 2013


Thanks for your question.

Take a look at our installation section on the description tab.

Minimum Clearance: lights should not be located in a compartment smaller than 1 cubic foot for each light fixture. Do not locate lights closer than 2in from cabinet wall.

Additionally, the installation instructions have more guidelines for these puck lights.

Hope this helps.

By Kirk Snodgrass from Akron, Ohio on February 22, 2014
I would like to place 4 or 5 of these to surface mount to the bottom of my kitchen cabinets. Can they be hardwired to operate from a single wall dimmer switch? total area to be covered is approximately 40 feet in a U shaped kitchen. If so can you advise what all I would need to purchase from you or would you rather I call ?
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on February 23, 2014


Yes, you can wire 4-5 puck lights to a single wall dimmer.

In addition to the puck lights -

You will need at least an 80W 12V transformer if you decide on 4 lights -

You will need at least a 100W 12V transformer if you decide on 5 lights -

Finally, you will need a dimmer for electronic low voltage transformers. Any options on this page will work -

By Kara from Tennessee on June 23, 2014
Are there any concerns with recess mounting three of these into the bottom of a hollow floating shelf that is 2 inches tall and 43" long? So there will only be 2in of space between bottom piece of shelf and the top piece with these recessed into the bottom? I noticed mention of fire hazard in the instructions and not to recess if the top of the cabinets won't be 'open'.
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on June 23, 2014

Kara, the manufacturer recommends the following:

Only recess mount puck lights when top of cabinet is not enclosed.

Do not locate puck lights closer than 2” from a cabinet wall or in a compartment smaller than 12” by 12” by 12” (one cubic foot) for each light fixture. Three light fixtures require a minimum of three cubic feet of enclosed space.

By Neil from Denver, CO on November 27, 2013
Can these be installed recessed into a floating shelf that is about 1.5-2 inches thick? The top of the shelf would obviously not be "open".
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on November 27, 2013

Absolutely - the fixtures are less than an inch in total height, so you will have no issues recessing them into your shelf.

By Philip from Carrollton, GA on August 26, 2013
How in the world do you change out the lamp in one of these fixtures? Thanks.
By Pegasus Lighting on August 27, 2013


Check out these steps from the installation instructions.

1. Twist lens cover counter-clockwise.
2. Remove burned out bulb.
3. Insert new bulb.Use only 12-volt type, G4 base, 20 watt or 10 watt.
4. Replace lens cover.

Hope this help!

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