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Xenon Under Cabinet Lighting Installation Video

In this lighting installation video, Emily and Mike walk us through a xenon under cabinet lighting install in their kitchen. They used our xenon line voltage thin under cabinet task lights with an optional cord and plug to power the lights from an electrical outlet. They also used an optional linking cable to connect two under cabinet fixtures together off of one power source. Watch the video and get some tips for installing under cabinet lights in your kitchen.

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Video Transcript

Emily: In this video we are going to show you how to install under cabinet lighting DIY-style. Iím Emily.

Mike: Iím Mike.

Emily: And, today we are going to install xenon line voltage thin under cabinet task lights in this kitchen. So, the first thing that we are going to do is cut small holes into the cabinets in order to run the cables through. Are you ready?

Mike: Yea.

Emily: Now that our cabinets are ready for installation, we are going to mark where we want the fixtures to go by opening up our lens cover, and marking through the mounting holes with a pencil to show where we are going to put the screws. Our next step is to pre-drill holes for the screws. Be very careful not to drill through the cabinets.

Okay, we successfully installed our first under cabinet lighting fixture. As you can see, itís flush with the back of our cabinet. We installed it toward the back so that the light would illuminate our back splash. Our linking cable is attached. And, weíve also installed wire staples to affix the cable to the back of our microwave, so that it goes right up against the wall. We just purchased this at our local hardware store.

Mike: Okay, Emily, now that we have installed our longer fixture it is time to install our smaller fixture. The instructions and setup will be very similar to the longer one.

Emily: Okay, great. So, all we are going to do is open up our lens cover once again. Mark the spot where our mounting screws are going to go through and, then, drill it in with our electric drill. Alright, so I am just making sure that that wire is going to be taut when we install it. I am holding up the fixture, and marking my spots. Okay.

Mike: The under cabinet lighting gives the granite counter tops a nice crystal-clear surface to work with, and is a great addition to any kitchen.

Emily: If you are interested in xenon under cabinet lighting, or any other type of under cabinet lighting, check out Thanks for watching.

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