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T2 Fluorescent Thin Under Cabinet Task Light Product Spotlight Video

In this product spotlight video, Emily reviews the details of our T2 Fluorescent Thin Under Cabinet Task Light.

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Video Transcript

This is the T2 fluorescent thin under cabinet task light. The thin classification is no exaggeration. This light fixture is less than an inch thick and less than four inches wide. It has a built-in electronic ballast, which is important in a fluorescent light because it means the light fixture will always turn on instantly, without flickering or humming.

The color temperature of the T2 fluorescent light bulb is 3000K. In other words, the light output is a warm white color. This is an incredibly efficient light bulb, producing a good amount of light output while consuming minimal energy.

The fluorescent light bulbs have a high color rendering index, or CRI, of 90 out of 100. CRI is a measure of how accurately colors are portrayed, and 85 or above is considered to be an excellent rating. These light fixture are linkable, ENERGY STAR® qualified, and LEED certified.

Optional accessories include a linking cable, a power cord, and a hardwire junction box. The rated lifetime for these under cabinet light fixtures is approximately 8,000 hours. That means that if you use the lights for four hours each day it will be five years before you are purchasing replacement light bulbs.

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