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LED Very Thin Light Bars Product Spotlight Video

In this product spotlight video, Chris goes over the details of our LED Very Thin Light Bars.

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Video Transcript

This is the LED Very Thin Light Bar. It offers a number of attractive features, including a cool operating temperature, an incredibly efficient design, a warm white color temperature, and a very long rated life. Actually the rated life is an impressive 60,000 hours. If the lights are on for four hours a day, that is 36 years!

The profile is very slim, as you can see. It's actually less than half an inch thick and less than inch wide. The color rendering index, or CRI, for this light fixture is 85 out of 100. CRI is a measure of how accurately colors are portrayed and 85 or above is considered to be an excellent rating. You will need to purchase an LED driver to power the fixture as well as a power connector. Both of these accessories are unobtrusive, so you won't have any trouble tucking them behind a cabinet. The light fixture comes in a brushed steel finish and each light fixture is completely linkable.

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