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LED Tape Light: Caught on Tape

In this LED tape light video, Annie, our E-Commerce Marketing Specialist, reviews some different ways that tape light can be used in your indoor, outdoor, or home or office space.

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Video Transcript

Caught on tape, with LED tape lights.

This just in: LED tape lights have been caught infiltrating our homes, office buildings, and businesses. Stay tuned for exclusive footage of these extraordinary fixtures...

Because LEDs are so low-profile, with their adhesive backing and trimmable length, they can hide just about anywhere.

Observe the softly lit cove in this living room’s ceiling. We can’t see the tape lights, but we know they’re in there.

Tape lights have no single natural habitat. We’ve seen them lighting above and inside decorative display cases, below bathroom cabinets, up on the ceilings of corporate buildings, even brightening the toe- kicks in some offices.

Meanwhile, we’ve also caught them doing a beautiful job as indirect outdoor lighting, and even stuck to handrails and porches for safety and ambiance.

Now, witness this uncommon example of the tape light’s true shape and form as recessed home theater lighting. Pretty, no?

But that’s not the end of this chameleon that is the LED tape light. The following footage of the rare colored LED tape light may surprise you with its panache.

First, blue tape lights add a unique touch to this modern kitchen. Also, stuck in coves and toe-kicks, they make this bar look red hot.

So there you have it. The rare and impressive footage that’s catching everyone’s attention.

This has been Caught On Tape, with LED tape lights.

When will they catch you?

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