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Task Lighting

Dealing with shadows doesn’t have to be a task! With our diverse selection of task lighting, you’ll be able to find the perfect light to assist you - no matter what. Whether you’re at work outside or indoors, at a desk or in the garage, these functional, stylish lights will help you get the job done.

Find Your Perfect Task Light

What is Task Lighting?
It’s only like the tool box of the lighting world. Task lights are comprised of an assortment of various products, unified under one simple purpose - to help you out. When you really need to get down to business, our task lights will help you see in the kitchen, at the office, in the garage, or at your work station. We have light fixtures that provide even light over your whole workspace and ones you can directly focus.
For the Kitchen
No matter the size or shape of your kitchen - if you’re a gourmet chef or subsist on mac ‘n cheese and cereal - good lighting is essential. Not only does kitchen task lighting add a pretty layer of light to the room, it makes dirt easier to spot on counters and in the sink. Being able to see well while chopping, slicing, and dicing doesn’t hurt either (literally). Check out our under cabinet task lights and puck lights for a stylish, safe way to complete every job in the kitchen.
For the Bathroom
Looking for chic modern task lighting to light up your loo? Just like in the kitchen, good light is necessary in the restroom so you can keep it clean. (Though style doesn’t hurt either!) Whether you’re outfitting the bathroom in your home, restaurant, or office, wall mounted task lights (like puck lights) add pops of light where you need them most. You can opt for simple battery operated task lights that require little effort to install, or choose ones you can hardwire for sleek convenience.
For the Living Room
Are you an avid reader? Installing a reading lamp in your living room, den, or bedroom will make it super easy to see whatever it is you like to read. If you want something polished and adjustable, wall mounted swing arm or flexible lights are just for you. We even have reading lights that will attach directly to your headboard! Accent task lighting is another way to enhance your home. For instance, placing light bars or microfluorescents under each shelf in your bookcase will create a beautiful display, and make it much easier to navigate your collection.
For the Garage or Workshop
We offer industrial task lighting, as well as options for the handy homeowner - anything you need to complete your latest project. Adding a linear fixture overhead will give you an even sheet of light over your entire workbench, workspace, or lab station. For more labor-intensive projects, we offer a diverse selection of clamp task lighting, along with an array of clamp-on gooseneck task lights. Whether you need something that’s battery powered or plug-in, we’ve got it!
For the Office
The desk is where many of us spend significant chunks of time - whether it’s at the home office, a corporate office, or school. Proper computer and desk task lighting is imperative to preventing eye strain and fostering creative energy. If you’ve got shelving over your desk and require a steady source of light, you’ll want to try using an under cabinet or microfluorescent as overhead task lighting. If you’re looking for a more traditional desk lamp that you can move and focus, we’ve got a good selection of jointed-arm and adjustable lamps.
For the Outdoors
Great outdoor task lighting is all about mobility and durability. Whether you’re grilling out in the backyard or working on your car in the driveway, we’ve got the perfect outdoor task light for you. Any of our clip-on hat lights or head lamps will help you see into small spaces or in the dark, while keeping your hands completely free. We’ve got several different weather-resistant lamps as well so you can complete any task the right way on the first time around.
*A Note on Saving Energy
If you’re in the market for energy efficient task lighting, we have TONS of lights for you. Keep on the lookout for LED task lights, as well as many fluorescent task lights to ensure you’re getting ultimate brightness for your buck. Another energy efficient option is to install a dimmer on your xenon task lighting to control how much energy you use at any given time (simply look for products labeled "dimmable").

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