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Product Overview:
  • Rocker switch & outlet
  • Cool white bulbs
  • Steel housing
  • Flexible acrylic diffuser
  • Easy to install
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42-Inch T5 Fluorescent Thin-Inch Under Cabinet Lights w/Outlet

Pegasus Lighting BBB Business Review

42-Inch T5 Fluorescent Thin-Inch Under Cabinet Lights w/Outlet

Item #PUCEO-42
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About our 42-Inch T5 Fluorescent Thin-Inch Under Cabinet Lights w/Outlet

These fluorescent T5 thin-inch under cabinet lights come complete with lamps, electronic ballasts, pre-installed rocker switches, and a convenience outlet. They are perfect for kitchen under cabinet task lighting, work stations in offices, hospitals, and laboratories, certain types of display cases and showcases, shelf lighting, exhibits, merchandising, and bars.


  • 1 Model:

    Model# PUCEO-42
    Length 42.25in
    Wattage 26 watts
  • Low Profile: fixture is only 1.0in thick and 3.5in wide
  • Steel Housing: die-formed housing made of cold rolled steel with a baked white enamel finish
  • Flexible Acrylic Diffuser: flexible, one piece, extruded, ribbed, white diffuser
  • Complete Fixture: supplied with
    1) T5 cool white fluorescent lamp(s),
    2) T5 electronic ballast,
    3) a pre-installed rocker switch,
    4) a 3/8in cable connector for hardwiring, and
    5) a pre-installed grounded convenience outlet


  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs Are Included: fluorescent T5 lamp(s) (5/8in in diameter) are included
  • Cool White Lamps: color temperature of 4100K (cool white)
  • Good Lamp Life: rated life is 6000 hours on average for the 13W lamp (Lamp is easily replaced.)
    (Caution: always be certain that the lamp is seated properly in both of its sockets. Be sure that both pins of each end are inside their respective socket and that the lamp is rotated 90 degrees once the pins are in the sockets. Failure to make good electrical contact between the pins and its socket may result in arcing and excessive heating of the socket.)


  • Quiet Electronic Ballast: lightweight electronic ballast provides instant-on starting with no flickering and cool quiet operation (less heat, less weight, less noise, & lower wattage than a magnetic ballast)
  • Energy Efficient: uses only 26 watts of power/fixture
  • On/Off Rocker Switch: an on/off rocker switch is pre-installed
  • Switching: when these fluorescent under cabinet task lights are linked together, an individual fixture may be adjusted by the on/off fixture switch without affecting the other fixtures. Additionally, if multiple fixtures are hardwired to power, then they may be controlled by a single wall switch as long as the rocker switch on each fixture is left in the “on” position.
  • Convenience Outlet: a grounded convenience outlet has been pre-installed on each fixture [Note: If the wall switch is turned off, the fixture (ballast, lamp, and outlet) will NOT get power and, therefore, will not work. However, if the wall switch is left on and the fixture switch is turned off, then the outlet will continue to receive power and, therefore, work properly while the fluorescent light is off.]
  • Not Dimmable: these fluorescent fixtures are not dimmable


  • Easy to Install: please refer to these Installation Instructions (PDF). Always check local electrical codes and the National Electrical Code (NEC) before installing any lighting products. It is also wise to consult with a licensed electrician in your geographical area about any electrical details that you might have questions about and to make certain that you are satisfying all of the appropriate electrical codes.
  • Easy to Wire: may be “hardwired” directly to power source using multiple 1/2in knockouts at the rear of the fixture, the "top" of the fixture, or the two ends of the fixture.
  • Easy to Connect Multiple Fixtures Together: multiple fixtures can be "daisy-chained" together. One standard household 14/2 wire between each fixture completes the parallel circuit. Wire can be 16 gauge or better with no custom cord required.


  • Large Quantity Discount: If you would like us to quote on a large quantity of Fluorescent T5 Thin-Inch Under Cabinet Lights w/Outlets, please call us at our toll-free number or use the online Quotation Request for Large Quantities form.  We are always happy to provide you with our best large quantity pricing.

    UL Listed 1-Year Warranty  Satisfaction Gaurantee  Quick Ship Item  Installation Difficulty

Product Reviews
42-Inch T5 Fluorescent Thin-Inch Under Cabinet Lights w/Outlet
4.5 Stars based on 14 Review(s)
Josh Oakes
Elkin, NC
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Exactly What I Expected
July 17, 2013
Our house was built in the 60's and has 50 feet of counter space, but only 2 backsplash outlets. So I needed fixtures with outlets built in them. I bought 8 and put 3 on one wall switch and 5 on another. They are the easiest of this type of light to mount that I've ever worked with. They are also very quiet. I've had this type before that made a hmmmmm sound. The lip on our cabinets is only 3/4". I was worried about this, however the thin profile of the light makes it work nicely. Not much overhang. They come with all the inside wiring done. They have a quick connect that 14 gauge wire works nicely with. Unfortunately, you can only use it for the last fixture on your run. If you want to string them together, you have to cut the quick connect off and make connections with wire nuts. No problem there. It does make things a little tight in there and tricky to get the fixture closed. Would've saved some installation time if the quick connects had 2 open slots. All in all, this was just what I needed and I'm happy with it. By the way, I couldn't find these at any of the box stores. Especially ones built out of metal like these.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Just what was needed
February 18, 2012
I needed to replace two twenty-five year old fixtures in my kitchen that had worn out. Rotating switches were shot, one ballast was gone and the other had a loud hum. Because the outlets available in the kitchen were limited, I valued the outlet built in to the old fixtures and did not want to lose them. These new fixtures were a somewhat smaller footprint under the cabinet than the ones replaced but actually do produce more light from the T5 bulbs than the old T12 bulbs did. The old fixtures were hard wired and these fixtures provided easy reconnection to the prewired receptacles. Installation was simple though the supplied screws were a bit too long for the cabinet shelf they secured to. I simply relocated one of the screws already in place to anchor the new lights. They work perfectly and I expect the toggle switch they employ will be more durable than the old rotating switch. I had looked about a year ago and had not been able to find a light that included an outlet so I was very pleased to find this fixture.
The overall design is clean, efficient and uncomplicated making installation simple and successful.
The retaining screws that attach the lamp housing to the frame are a bit too close to the housing making the task of threading the nut onto the screw difficult.

Irvin Harriman
Pride, Louisiana
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Under cabinet lights with outlet
June 12, 2013
Actually bought two other larger units along with this one for lighting in my screened-in patio area. Mounting and wiring was simple enough and I have limited knowledge of electricity. Lighting is perfect for what I needed and the built-in outlets are very convenient (which is why I purchased these in the first place). Shipping was quick and had no issues.
Fairly simple to wire up. Easy mounting. Very good lighting. Built-in outlet very convenient. Covered lighting to use outdoors is a must with the humidity in my area.
None really. Got exactly what I expected.

Barbara Loreman
Salisbury, Maryland
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Simple Sleek Style
March 22, 2013
Great product for no view lighting with outlet for convenient use.
Provides good lighting for dark spaces.
No directions were included, such as specific diagram. No screws were provided for immediate installation.

John Q
Las Vegas, NV
1 Stars

Not what I expected
February 4, 2013
There is no cord to plug this in. There is an outlet but no plug. What good is that? I want to be able to hook this to the cabinet and plug it into an outlet on a wall nearby, not buy a double mail plug. Total waste. Don't buy this.
Merchant Response:
This reviewer is correct that this fixture does not come with a cord and plug. It is meant to be hardwired into power and this is stated within our Description tab in the Installation section. Once the fixture is hardwired to power the outlet on the fixture may be used.

Western Kentucky
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Thank you
February 3, 2013
I have been looking for one of these forever. Nobody had them. So thanks. It was so easy to install and it shipped out promptly. I received it within a couple of days. Very happy with my Pegasus experience. I will shop again.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 29, 2012
Good product, good price - first order with Pegasus Lighting...GREAT SERVICE!!!!

Robert C. Arthur
Madison, WI
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

June 27, 2012
Good but - see below
Slim, outlet, good price
connector inlet too small for wires

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Just what I wanted
May 17, 2012
The lights were delivered on time. After installation they worked great and added more light to my kitchen than the ones I replaced. Good product and service.

Midland, TX
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 25, 2012
Compact light and works as described. Will buy another one when I need it

Questions & Answers
By Russ from Oshkosh, WI on July 23, 2012
Hello, I need to confirm that a cord comes with this task light. Are they in stock?
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on July 24, 2012

Russ, A power cord is NOT included with this under cabinet light. It can only be hardwired directly to power.

Here is a similar under cabinet light that has the option of plugging into power:

This T2 fluorescent under cabinet light is one of our most popular.

By Tom from Hampton, VA on March 14, 2013
I see that this is a UL listed fixture. Can you provide me with which UL code it listed under and do you have AutoCAD models for inserting into AutoCAD drawings?
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on March 14, 2013


I'm sorry, we do not have AutoCAD models.

The UL code is A-251,116

By Ronnie from Henderson, NV on December 19, 2012
I have 5 under counter lights on a single switch and one is not working, but will purchase another, but need to know if they are okay to put on the same line. Which one of a 24 inch fluorescent lights for under the counter do you recommend?
By Pegasus Lighting on December 20, 2012


The 24-inch version of this under cabinet light should be fine. It can be linked to the other lights via Romex.

Note that this under cabinet light emits cool white light (4100K). I would make sure that the color temperature matches the lights you have installed.

By Tony from New York, NY on October 14, 2012
Can you attach 2 fixtures in series, i.e., 1 rockers lights both if the other rocker is already in the "on" position? Thank you.
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on October 15, 2012


These lights can be linked together in parallel. Each individual rocker switch will control an individual light fixture.
By John Janssen from Joliet, IL on October 15, 2012

I am not sure. We did not install our fixtures in series.
By Mark from Benicia, California on October 15, 2012

I do not know. I am not an electrician. I had the lights installed by an electrician to replace the old under counter lights so the wiring was already in place. I did try to see if it would work as you asked but it did not. That is not to say that an installation could not be made to achieve the results you are asking about.

PS I would advise having spare fluorescent lights on hand since the lights that come with the fixture don't have a long life.

By Bob from Granbury, Tx. on June 1, 2013
Does this fixture not have a starter and the start up controlled by the ballast? Mine comes on sometimes but sometimes I have to thump the bulb for it to come on.
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on June 3, 2013


It certainly includes a ballast in the fixture.

Make sure your light bulbs are correctly seated in the sockets.

If you are still having problems, please call customer service - 800-392-4818

By Jim Dale from Alabama on May 5, 2014
Is this same fixture offered in other lengths? Typical cabinets are 36" wide.
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on May 5, 2014

This is the only length we have in this model. Thanks!

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