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Strip Lighting

Strip light hidden and used as accent lighting

One of the best ways to get the right amount of bright, high-quality layered lighting in your kitchen, display cabinet, or cove is to use strip lighting. We offer LED strip lights, tape lights, linear microfluorescent fixtures, and rope lights. All of our strip lights are designed to bathe your ceiling, countertop, or showcase in even illumination for the most effective task or decorative lighting available.

What is Strip Light?

Strip lighting is basically any lighting fixture with a linear design. Some examples of strip lighting include tape lights, microfluorescents, and rope lights. Strip lights are excellent at producing consistent, even illumination wherever they are used. So they are often used under kitchen cabinets, along the insides of closets or pantries, and as ceiling lights.
How Can You Use Strip Lighting?
One way is in the kitchen. The linear design of strip lighting makes it ideal for use under cabinets because it can produce incredibly even illumination across your countertops. However, low profile strip light has practically limitless possibilities due to how versatile it is. For example, our tape and rope lights are flexible and easy to mount along almost any surface, curve or angle. You can really achieve some beautiful lighting effects by getting creative with strip lighting.
Customer Example
Check out how a Pegasus Lighting customer from Dallas, TX used our low voltage xenon light strips to really make his display cabinet shine.
Picture of xenon strip lighting inside a cabinet
To learn more, visit our blog post covering the project at ttp://

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