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Display Case Lighting

One thing is certain: You don't want a dark, shadowy showcase. That would defeat the purpose of the display! Fortunately, there are lots of options for bringing your display case to life with LED, xenon, and/or microfluorescent fixtures - light bars, downlights, and light strips. Now, whether you are using display case lighting for a trade show, craft fair, or just want to show off the gorgeous china in your display cabinet, you can achieve the perfect lighting to make your treasures sparkle.

Make Your Display Case Shine

Lighting a Showcase
There are several different ways to effectively light up a display case with showcase lighting. If you have shelving integrated within, or if the top of the case is opaque, you can install display case lights on the undersides to illuminate from above. In this capacity, miniature recessed lights and puck lights create a dramatic effect. You can use them to spotlight individual items in the case.
But if you would prefer EVEN illumination on the underside of shelving or the top of an opaque display case, try a light strip or light bar. These options are low-profile and provide evenly-distributed, bright light across the entire display case.
Choosing Light Sources
For those who have the means to add display case lighting from the side, microfluorescent light fixtures are an excellent choice. They are cool-operating, linkable, simple to install, and make a showcase look like it is glowing from within. LED and xenon light strip will create the same effect installed on the side of a showcase. In fact, it is a bit more low-profile than the microfluorescent fixtures, so if you have minimal space, it might be a better option. Many of the light strip options can be custom-ordered to fit the length of your display. Finally, LED rope and tape can be used in a variety of applications to make your display case shine.
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