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Over Cabinet Lighting

Browse a variety of lighting choices for over cabinets using either an arm light fixture or several indirect lighting fixtures with fluorescent or LED as a light source. Wondering what over cabinet lighting will look like in your house? View our interactive picture where you can turn the lights on and off and see how several microfluorescent light fixtures can provide an extra “layer of light” to your kitchen. Whether you are installing new above cabinet lighting or redoing the over cabinet lighting you already have in place, we can help you find the right lighting. Over the cabinet lighting is a great way to brighten the kitchen with soft light. Above kitchen cabinet lighting is becoming more popular in kitchen makeovers. You can find just the right light for your kitchen. Above cabinet lighting is easy to install. Over counter lights and over cabinet lights can be cost efficient too.

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4 Different Light Sources to Choose From
Over the cabinet lighting in a kitchenWe offer over cabinet lights that come in a variety of sizes, lamp wattages, and with multiple types of light sources. Choose your new over the cabinet lighting from LED over cabinet lighting and fluorescent strip lighting. Top of cabinet lighting is becoming more and more popular in kitchen lighting design.
Accent or General Lighting
This kind of up lighting can be used on top of your cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom either as purely accent lighting or as your room's main source of illumination. Looking for rope lighting ideas? Use warm or cool LED rope light as cabinet accent lighting. It is a cool-looking effect. LED strip lighting or fluorescent linear lighting can all be used to provide indirect general lighting to your room that is especially pleasing because it creates a warm, shadowless lighting effect.
Move your cursor over the image below to turn on the bank of linkable Microfluorescent T4 Light Fixtures that are plugged into a receptacle located over the cabinets to see how they can provide an “extra layer” of light to your kitchen.
Not Just Lighting For Kitchens
This kind of overhead lighting is not just for kitchen lighting solutions. Use above cabinet lights in the bathroom (perhaps over the medicine cabinet), den, family room, or great room. Maybe you have a game room with cupboards? Look no further for your over cupboard lighting. Finally, over cabinet lighting ideas expand beyond the home and include the office. When over cabinet lighting is used properly it can give the space a look as though a professional may have been involved with the lighting design.
Direct Lighting Too
Looking to light your countertop from above? Arm lights installed at the top of your cabinets can provide direct lighting on the counter top to help with task lighting. Lighting above cabinets can be accomplished in different ways but all of our upper cabinet lighting fixtures have the ability to give both a professional look and the look of warmth by providing a very important “layer of light” to your entire space.
Looking for some more kitchen cabinet lighting ideas?

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