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Outdoor Recessed Lighting

All of these outdoor recessed lights can be used outside in a protected exterior location in a residential or commercial setting. We offer both damp location and wet location rated trims and housings, as well as both halogen and LED light sources. If a recessed fixture is wet location rated that downlight can come in to direct contact with rain and therefore can be installed in a non-protected outdoor area.

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When you need exterior recessed lighting, Pegasus Lighting is your best choice. Our outdoor recessed lights are designed to operate well under damp and wet conditions. These exterior recessed lights deliver excellent performance and last for a long time even during inclement weather.
Whether you need to install a complete wet location recessed lighting system or simply need one or more exterior can lights to equip your home or office, you can get your recessed exterior lighting from us. We can also offer lower bulk pricing on large recessed exterior lighting orders.
Q) What's the difference between "damp location rated" and "wet location rated" for outdoor recessed lights?
A) A wet location rated outdoor recessed light can safely have direct contact with water. Through rain, shower water spray, sleet, or snow, the recessed downlight fixture will keep water from harming the light bulb inside in these exterior recessed lights. A damp location rated outdoor recessed light may be exposed to condensation but should not have direct contact with water. You can use a damp location rated downlight in a covered outdoor area or in any bathroom where water spray will not reach the light fixture.
Q) How can I tell which outdoor downlights and exterior can lights are wet location approved and which are damp location approved?
A) Every recessed light that we sell is damp location approved, so you can make that assumption without checking the product descriptions in any outdoor recessed light in our catalog. The easiest way to check for wet location approval in our outdoor recessed can lights is to look in the title of the product. It will say "Wet Location" if it is a wet location recessed lighting product that can be used in unprotected outdoor areas.

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