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Product Overview:
  • Single pole models
  • 3-way models
  • 8 Matte colors
  • Up to 1200W
  • 120V input systems
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Lutron NovaT Dimmers for Magnetic Low Voltage Transformers

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Lutron NovaT Dimmers for Magnetic Low Voltage Transformers

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About our Lutron NovaT Dimmers for Magnetic Low Voltage Transformers

Choose the Lutron NovaT dimmer model to match your decor and improve the design aesthetic of any room in an instant. From the bathroom to the dining room, dimmers are a functional, energy-efficient, and stylish addition. This dimmer is designed for low voltage xenon or low voltage halogen lighting systems using magnetic transformers (12 or 24 volts).

  • 6 Models:

    NTLV-600 NTLV-603P NTLV-1000 NTLV-1003P NTLV-1500 NTLV-1503P
    450 watts 800 watts 1200 watts
    single pole single pole/3-way single pole single pole/3-way single pole single pole/3-way
  • Dimming Range: full range dimming that can save energy and extend lamp life
  • Poles: dimmer is designed as a single pole dimmer switch (one control for one lighting system)
  • Preset: certain NovaT® models have the preset feature while others are turned off by sliding the control all the way down
  • Maximum Wattage: depending on the NovaT® dimmer selected the maximum lamp load wattage that can be controlled is 450 watts, 800 watts, or 1200 watts. These dimmers can control a magnetic low voltage transformer that is rated at 600 VA, 1000VA, or 1500VA respectively. NOTE: high-wattage dimmers (1500 VA) are twice as wide as low-wattage dimmers.
  • Construction: durable nylon construction
  • RFI Suppression: advanced radio frequency protection circuitry
  • Installation: designed to replace standard toggle switches. These dimmers must be mounted in a wall box. Please see the Installation Instructions for details. [Caution: Always check local electrical codes and the National Electrical Code (NEC) before installing any lighting products. It is also wise to consult with a licensed electrician in your geographical area about any electrical details that you might have questions about and to make certain that you are satisfying all of the appropriate electrical codes.]
  • 8 Designer Matte Finish Colors: Ivory (IV), White (WH), Almond (AL), Light Almond (LA), Gray (GR), Brown (BR), Black (BL) and Taupe (TP). (The pricing for all of the colors is identical. However, the lead time for Ivory and White is the shortest; the lead time for all other colors is longer by 3-5 business days.)
  • Wallplate Included: a matching single gang Lutron Architectural style wallplate is included
  • Large Quantity Discount: If you would like us to quote on a large quantity of Lutron Nova® Dimmers for Magnetic Low Voltage Transformers, please call us at our toll-free number or use the online Quotation Request for Large Quantities form.  We are always happy to provide you with our best large quantity pricing.

    UL Listed  1-Year Warranty Satisfaction Guarantee  Installation Difficulty

Specifications & Measurements

Wiring diagram for models NTLV-603P, NTLV-1003P and NTLV-1503P

Product Reviews
Lutron NovaT Dimmers for Magnetic Low Voltage Transformers
Questions & Answers
By Harry from Cedar Falls IA on June 24, 2013
Will these work with LED lights?
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on June 24, 2013


It depends on the type of LED lighting system you are using. There are some LED products that use magnetic drivers/transformers and dimmers designed for magnetic low voltage systems.

Other LED products require line voltage or electronic low voltage systems.

Your best bet is to ask the manufacturer of the LED product.

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