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Lighting Articles


Light Sources

LED Lighting 101
A light emitting diode (or LED for short) is a small electronic device (a semiconductor diode to be exact) that emits light when electricity passes through it. The color of the LED depends on the materials used during production. For example, a red LED is made from the chemical elements of aluminum, gallium, and arsenic. Other than red, LEDs also come in green, blue, and amber. Read entire article
Fluorescent Lighting 101
Fluorescent lighting is regarded as an excellent light source. Fluorescent lights work by giving off an impressive amount of light output while using very little energy. Read entire article
Halogen Lighting 101
Did you know that halogen lighting is actually a form of incandescent lighting? Both traditional incandescent lights and halogen lights have tungsten filaments, which heat up and give off light. The main difference is that halogen lights have halogen gas inside their envelopes, while traditional incandescent lights use nitrogen or argon gas. Read entire article
Xenon vs. Halogen Lighting
As commercial or residential lights, both halogen and xenon lamps have many benefits. But how to choose between them? Read on to compare the pros and cons of halogen and xenon light bulbs. Read entire article
LED Lighting: 10 Things to Know
Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are becoming increasingly popular and more high-quality LED lighting products are being manufactured and sold in the marketplace. LED lighting is an attractive alternative…Read entire article

Light Fixtures

8 Things You Need to Know About Wall Sconces
What is a wall sconce anyways? Find this out, and learn where you should use wall sconces and guidelines for hanging them on a wall. Read entire article
Low Voltage Lighting: 15 Things You Need to Know
The use of low voltage lighting systems has become increasingly popular over the past several years. Low voltage halogen and low voltage xenon lighting systems can be found in…Read entire article
Bathroom Exhaust Fans
Over time moisture can wreck havoc in our homes, which is a big problem in bathrooms due to steam from showers and baths. Mold is a huge and expensive concern in bathrooms without proper ventilation and one of the best preventive measures is to install a bathroom exhaust fan or bath fan for short. Read entire article

DIY and How-To's

Fluorescent Lighting Troubleshooting Tips
Having problems with your fluorescent lighting? Do they hum? Blink? Flicker? Maybe one of these troubleshooting tips can help. Read entire article
How to Make a Lightbox
If there's a cooler, easier DIY project than building a custom light box, I haven't heard of it. DIY light boxes used in bonus rooms or children's bedrooms are a thrilling way to illuminate the specialness of your space. So many options, though. What kind will you make? Read entire article

Commercial Lighting

Las Vegas Convention Center Display Lighting Guidelines
If you are exhibiting at a show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, use this information as your guideline to help you choose the appropriate display lighting for your booth. Read entire article
Trade Show Lighting - Control the Exhibit, Create the Sale
Controlling the environment is a fundamental lesson in sales. But often at a trade show or exhibition – where selling is the purpose of the convention…Read entire article
Trade Show Lighting - Illuminating Your Sales
In the sea of people milling around, weaving in and out of exhibit booths, catching the big client who is going to bring in the sales to help meet quota can be overwhelming…Read entire article

Lighting Knowledge

Types of Light Switches
Isn't it nice when you realize smart people have been innovating and improving products that you didn't even know you needed yet? More light switches have been invented and perfected than you may realize, but that doesn't mean you don't want them. Light switch designers have gotten very good at helping you achieve the lighting and efficiency you want. Read entire article
What Are Lumens?
If someone from the '90s time traveled here to present day and had a look at our light bulbs, he'd know something was up. Lighting technology has evolved so much in the past few decades, it only makes sense that we need a different language to describe it. Using a lamp's wattage to ascertain its brightness (the higher the wattage, the brighter the light), doesn't work anymore. Enter the lumen…Read entire article
The History of the Light Bulb
Before electric light was invented, people relied on the sun during the day or candles at night to light up their homes. The invention of the light bulb drastically changed the way we live and work now. In this article, we’ll learn about how electric light was invented…Read entire article
A Guide to the Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis is the scientific name for the phenomena more commonly known as The Northern Lights. They are brilliant colored waves of light, which can be seen against dark skies. The colors are formed when…Read entire article
All About Light Pollution
Light pollution, also known as luminous pollution, is defined as the excessive introduction of artificial lighting to the outdoor environment. People who are unfamiliar with this problem often do not fully understand how light can become a pollutant…Read entire article
Electricity and Light Resource Guide
We use electricity everyday even though we cannot see or touch it. Most items in our houses, schools, and offices are powered by electricity, such as televisions, computers, phones, lamps, microwave ovens, kettles, heaters, fans, video game systems, and plenty more. So what exactly is electricity? Electricity is a form of energy that…Read entire article
How Do Lights Work?
If it wasn’t for the fact that Franklin experimented and had the interest back in the 17th century, having a power source to turn on lights, play computer games, listen to music and watch TV in the 21st century may not have come into existence. Can you imagine…Read entire article
Visible Light Astronomy
Visible light astronomy includes a variety of observations with optical telescopes that work with visible spectrums of light. Visible light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum of light emitted from frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. Light has properties such as…Read entire article
Reflection and Refraction of Light
Have you ever noticed how a straw in a glass of water seems to be unnaturally bent or out of shape? However, upon removing it, we can clearly see that the straw is, in fact, perfectly fine. This strange phenomenon occurs because of the way light rays behave. Rainbows are another example of an optical illusion…Read entire article
Lighting for the Aging
As we get older we need more light, especially for determining fine details and have challenges with glare and determining contrasts. This article provides some solutions to these lighting challenges…Read entire article
More Lighting Articles and Tips
Read our Pegasus Lighting Blog for more lighting tips and articles. Learn about current trends in lighting, browse industry news, read information on best practices for energy efficiency, and find guides for selecting the right fixture for your lighting project.

Other Helpful Resources

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U.S. Green Building Council: A non-profit community committed to promoting cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. The website offers green building research, LEED case studies, LEED certification guides, and more.
Energy Savers Blog: Published by the U.S. Department of Energy, this blog offers valuable tips on "Smart Ways for Consumers to Save Energy."
Cleanup and Disposal of CFLs: The Environmental Protection Agency released new guidelines recently on recycling CFLs, including a step-by-step procedure to follow in the event of a broken bulb.
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