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Product Overview:
  • 5 Different lengths
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Easy to install
  • Linkable
  • Very energy-efficient
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Cool White LED Rope Light

Pegasus Lighting BBB Business Review

Cool White LED Rope Light

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About our Cool White LED Rope Light

LED rope light is highly efficient and flexible, making it a versatile product for many lighting projects. The cool white color of this model has a very slight bluish tint. Ideal for lighting building outlines, amusement themes, store window displays, holiday light sculptures, cove lighting, toe space lighting, museum lighting, architectural details, over cabinet lighting, step lights, bookshelves, deck railings, gazebos, trade show lighting, bars, and night clubs.


  • 5 Models:

    3ft long 9ft long 15ft long 30ft long 75ft long
  • Included: an LED cool white rope light includes a 5ft cord & plug, one plastic mounting clip for each foot ordered, 2 threaded couplers, and 1 end cap.
  • Diameter: rope light is 0.50in in diameter; threaded coupler used to connect two pieces of rope light together or connect an end cap to a piece of rope is 1-1/8in in diameter
  • Very Flexible
  • Very Low Heat: LEDs generate very little heat
  • Easy to Install: easy to install with mounting clips. Several clear, U-shaped, plastic mounting clips with 2 screws each are included with each kit.
  • Field Cuttability: rope light is no longer field cuttable due to the most recent UL 2388 standards. However, to make longer runs several lengths of rope light may be easily connected using molded male and female ends that are held together with a threaded coupler, all of which are supplied. (See Linkable comments below.)


  • Cool White LEDs: cool white LEDs, with a color temperature of approximately 6000K, are used. These cool white LEDs are very slightly bluish in color when compared to warm white LEDs but are very definitely white when compared to blue LEDs. [Caution: the cool white LEDs from one lot (one manufacturing run) may not match exactly the cool white LEDs from another lot. In fact, the color temperature of LEDs from the same lot may vary by as much as 10% within that lot. In short, it is very difficult to match the color temperatures of cool white LEDs that were manufactured at different times and, therefore, the color temperatures of two or more rope lights will quite probably not match exactly. This is true no matter who the manufacturer is.]
  • Excellent Lamp Life: rated life of each LED is 60,000 hours on average while the miniature incandescent light bulbs used in the incandescent clear rope light each have a rated life of 25,000 hours on average. Because the LEDs are completely encased in the solid plastic rope, a very dim LED cannot be replaced at a later time.
  • LED Spacing: 1.0 inch apart
  • Brighter: LED rope light is brighter than rope light using miniature incandescent light bulbs


  • Line Voltage: 120 volts; no transformer is required
  • Cord & Plug: 5ft SJT power cord & 2-prong, polarized, fused plug. If you want to use an extension cord with this rope light, we recommend that you use a good quality 2-wire polarized power cord.
  • Very Energy Efficient: only consumes 0.77 watts per foot
  • Linkable: several lengths may be easily linked together using the threaded couplers that are supplied with each kit up to a total length of 240 feet. For example, one 15-foot length of rope light and one 30-foot length of rope light may be easily put together to form a 45-foot length of rope light, two 30-foot lengths may be combined to create a 60-foot length of rope light, and so on. However, the cool white LED rope light kits may not be linked to the warm white LED rope light kits or the incandescent rope light kits.
  • Not Dimmable: this LED cool white rope light is not dimmable
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: UL listed for indoor and outdoor use [Caution: For any installation that will remain outdoors for long periods of time, all of the electrical conductors should be coated with dielectric grease (protects electrical connections from salt, dirt, and corrosion) and the outside of the threaded couplers should be thoroughly sealed with silicone caulk after they have been securely tightened.]
  • Non-Submersible: should not be used under water
  • UL 2388 Listed: UL 2388 contains the most recent stringent UL standards and, therefore, is considered by UL to provide the safest guidelines for rope light specifications


  • Extra Mounting Clips: each clear “U” shaped mounting clip has 2 holes for screws that securely holds the rope light in place
  • 3ft Mounting Channel: the clear 3ft Mounting Channel is recommended for mounting a rope in a straight line indoors. When using 3ft sections of rope light to create step lights a Mounting Channel is positioned under a step in order to light the step below it.
  • 4ft UV Mounting Channel: the clear 4ft UV-rated Mounting Channel is recommended for mounting a rope light in a straight line outdoors. The 4ft Mounting Channel is resistant to UV degradation and cracking caused by the sun. When using 3ft sections of rope light to create step lights a Mounting Channel is positioned under a step in order to light the step below it.
  • 3ft Flexible Connector: a 3ft Flexible Connector is made up of white wire and the appropriate threaded coupler at each end (one male and one female). Multiple sections of 3ft Flexible Connectors are often used to create step lights from multiple sections of rope light.


  • Large Quantity Discount: If you would like us to quote on a large quantity of Cool White LED Rope Lights, please call us at our toll-free number or use the online Quotation Request for Large Quantities form.  We are always happy to provide you with our best large quantity pricing.

    UL Listed  1-Year Warranty  Satisfaction Gaurantee  Quick Ship Item Installation Difficulty

Specifications & Measurements

This image shows the measurements of the 3 Foot Flexible Connector for LED Rope Lights.

Measurements for Rope Light Connector

Foot-Candle Chart

Footcandle Chart for Cool White LED Rope Light

Product Reviews
Cool White LED Rope Light
4.5 Stars based on 6 Review(s)
San Antonio, TX
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Addresses my needs perfectly
November 2, 2013
I use the rope light to provide soft, indirect light in rooms, i.e., on the top of my drapes' cornice there is a shallow channel running the length of the cornice into which I lay the rope light. The rope light is not visible from any position in the room, but when turned on it casts a soft indirect light up the wall above the cornice. That, in turn, reflects into the room. Perfect for illuminating a room while watching TV %u2014 no glare on the TV. The whiter the painted wall, the whiter light. This rope light is my preferred color %u2014 very close to white. Note, I don't have to "install" anything; no clips are needed; the rope light just lies (unseen) in that channel. The power cord just drops to the floor, hidden by the drapes.
Zero maintenance, absolutely flawless operation and dependability. I used this brand for many years and have never had to replace any.
For the use I describe, there are no cons.

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Lights
May 14, 2013
They are a great replacement for my old fluorescent light. The new led rope light saves money on the electric bill.

Willis, VA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Would buy again
January 3, 2012
Very pleased. Produces a lot of light, and it was super easy to connect two strings of lights together.

A Better Builder
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Defective product made good
April 23, 2011
The first one I ordered developed a bad stretch in the middle during installation. Pegasus was quick to issue a Retuned Product Authorization, and expedited the shipping on the replacement so I could finish the kitchen remodel on time.

Tucson, AZ
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product, high price
April 7, 2011
As far as product quality, this rope light is awesome. Bright, consistent light, and feels heavy duty. I have seen very similar products at a much lower price since ordering this one. Nonetheless, I'm happy with my purchase.
Bright, water-resistant, feels well-made

Oro Valley, AZ
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Ambient lighting indoors or out
November 24, 2010
I purchased these lights to put beneath a Dining room chair rail offset from the wall, to put above an inset gas fireplace in a polycarbonate holder, and to use outside for stairs lighting mounted beneath the stair banisters. They are reliable and beautiful and easy to use. Because they are so energy efficient, I turn them on each evening until I go to bed as they create atmosphere in a very cost-effective and no heat-generating way. You can plug them together to make longer strands (e.g., I put a 9' and 3' together for a 12' stairs run). The plug is a little big to hide so you have to plan for that. Otherwise, they're exactly what I needed.
Appearance when lit Low energy ambient light
Plugs are large and hard to hide

Questions & Answers
By Travis from Southampton on April 3, 2013
Is this product a tube? I am attempting to fix it to a L shaped track and only need lights pointed in one direction. The strips I've seen though other companies are flat not round.
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on April 3, 2013

Yes, the casing is a tube.

By Teresa Hiatt from Lowgap, NC on July 17, 2014
Can I use it on my pontoon boat?
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on July 18, 2014

I do not think so. The rope light is 120V household line voltage. I would expect the boat to run on low voltage.
By Ivan from AZ on July 18, 2014

I don't think so. These lights require a 120V AC electrical supply to operate which I doubt you will have available on a pontoon boat.

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