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LED Recessed Lighting

With LED recessed lighting fixtures to replace recessed light fixtures that may be outdated, you can envelop any space with high color rendering light that is as energy-efficient as it is brilliant. Most LED recessed light fixtures can easily replace existing recessed lights or can be installed with new construction. Choose LED recessed can lights for bright, energy-saving results.

LED Recessed Lights - Not Just For Ceilings

When people hear "LED downlight," they think about a ceiling installation. It's no wonder: LEDs excel as recessed can lights. They are directional by nature in terms of beam spread, so they sync well with the design of a recessed lighting fixture. This is one reason why many people choose to replace recessed light fixtures that they currently have with LEDs.
However, recessed LED lighting fixtures are not just for ceilings. They may be installed in cabinets, display cases, alcoves, shelves, and more. The cool operating temperature of LEDs, along with the fact that they can be incorporated into incredibly small light fixtures, makes them perfect for such applications.
We offer a wide variety of LED recessed lighting fixtures. LED recessed light fixtures that are installed in the ceiling as general lighting typically include three components: a housing which rests above the ceiling, a trim which can be seen at the ceiling opening, and an LED light source.
Smaller LED recessed lights are typically used as accent lighting in areas that highlight decorative items. Called LED mini recessed lights or LED mini can lights, they feature low-profile trims that allow for a narrow beam of light. Typically, the trim and housing are built-in to the light fixture to form a single unit. We offer a number of adjustable mini LED recessed can lights, so you can direct the light focus exactly where you need it.
Advantages - Energy Efficient!
We are often asked what the advantages are in terms of using LEDs as a source for recessed lighting fixtures rather than incandescent lights. The primary advantage of opting for recessed LED lighting fixtures is energy efficiency. LED can lights have very similar light output and color quality to incandescent downlights, but they use about one-fifth of the power. That added efficiency from LED can lights translates into dollars saved on your energy bills. So, not only do many customers prefer the visual effects of LED can lighting, they also enjoy the savings.
An even more compelling advantage is the long lifetime that LED recessed lighting fixtures offer. Many LEDs have an estimated rated lifetime of 50,000 hours. That translates to seventeen years of use from an LED recessed downlight that is left on for eight hours a day, seven days a week. An incandescent recessed light with the same light output might have a rated life of just 2,500 hours, lasting 25 times longer LED can lights are a great option. This longer lifetime provided by LED can lighting means fewer replacement light bulbs to purchase and install, a benefit of all LEDs, but it's particularly valuable for LED recessed light fixtures, which are generally more difficult to access than pendants, table or floor lamps, and wall sconces.
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