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Product Overview:
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Uses 1.44 watts
  • 100,000-hour life
  • Mount horizontal or vertical
  • Easy install
  • UL Listed: wet locations
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LED Mini Step Lights with Louvers

Pegasus Lighting BBB Business Review

LED Mini Step Lights with Louvers

Item #PNSW-661
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About our LED Mini Step Lights with Louvers

Bright light shines through the horizontal or vertical louvers in this LED mini step light. Perfect for stairs, hallways, or pathways.


  • 3 Finishes: white (PNSW-661W), ready-to-paint primer (PNSW-661P), or brushed nickel (PNSW-661BN)
  • Louver Trim: heavy duty, low profile aesthetic louver trim; unit includes both a horizontal and a vertical louver
  • Louver Dimensions: 4.5in by 2.75in
  • Housing Dimensions: 2.0in x 3.5in x 1-3/8in
  • Very Energy-Efficient: uses only 1.44 watts of power


  • Light Source: 12 white LEDs with a color temperature of 3000K
  • LED Life: 100,000-hour average life
  • Not Dimmable: these LED mini step lights are not dimmable


  • Driver Specs: input voltage of 120V 50/60Hz


  • Easy to Install: easily installs in a standard single gang switch box. Please refer to these Installation Instructions (PDF). [Caution: Always check local electrical codes and the National Electrical Code (NEC) before installing any lighting products. It is also wise to consult with a licensed electrician in your geographical area about any electrical details that you might have questions about and to make certain that you are satisfying all of the appropriate electrical codes.]
  • Wall Thickness: LED mini step lights accept 5/8in standard drywall thickness
  • Wiring: uses standard wire nuts (included)
  • Outdoor or Indoor Use: UL and cUL listed for wet locations


  • Large Quantity Discount: If you would like us to quote on a large quantity of LED Mini Step Lights with Louvers, please call us at our toll-free number or use the online Quotation Request for Large Quantities form.  We are always happy to provide you with our best large quantity pricing.

    UL Listed  1-Year Warranty  Satisfaction Gaurantee  Quick Ship Item  Installation Difficulty

Specifications & Measurements

This image shows the dimensions of the LED Mini Step Lights with Louvers.

LED Mini Step Lights with Louvers Dimensions

Product Reviews
LED Mini Step Lights with Louvers
4.5 Stars based on 37 Review(s)
Toledo, OH
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Small assemblies put out lots of light.
June 9, 2014
These small LED assemblies provide great lighting. Our new house will have total LED lighting, so I was happy to find these for our stairway. Our old place had stairway lighting that used the standard Christmas Tree size bulbs, and I was forever replacing burn-outs. I'm looking forward to never having to remove faceplates and trying to get my big fingers into change those tiny bulbs!

Longmont, Colorado
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

LED step lights with louvers
April 11, 2014
I had trouble finding suitable lights to light my stairway to the basement, even with GOOGLE help, until I came up with the magic words 'LED step lights with louvers' which miraculously steered me directly to these. They are exactly what I had in mind. Three of them (top, middle and bottom of the staircase) furnish adequate light, and are not in the least annoying when left on 24/7, creating no heat or adding noticeably to the electric bill.
They furnish adequate light without becoming annoying or hot when left on 24/7, and don't add noticeably to the electric bill.

Happy Homeowner
Huntsville, Alabama
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Impressive little light
December 6, 2013
Installed this step light in an existing outlet close to my front door. Outlet is oriented in the horizontal position. Center of installed light is 30" above walk and 24" away from my front door. With the horizontal louver this little light illuminates an area approximately 4' x 4' and casts a good amount of light on the bottom third of my door. With the vertical louver installed the majority of my front door is softly illuminated giving a welcoming and safe approach to my house. I have a covered entryway so using the vertical louver in the horizontal position works for me with no concern about water entry but may not be suitable for others. The color of this light is more to the cool white spectrum which worked fine in my situation. I was considering another makers light to get a light with a cool white output but at a cost of more than $100 I decided to give this one a try instead. Glad I did. Very happy with this light overall.
Surprising well built little unit suitable for damp locations. Lights are protected by glass shield and foam gasket attached to the cover plate / louvers. Unit comes with louvers for both vertical and horizontal applications. Low power usage so unit should be energy efficient for 24/7 illumination.
None at this point in time. Hoping unit will last as long as indicated in the spec sheet.

Kathy Heckert
Toledo, Ohio
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Exactly what we were looking for
October 28, 2013
We had added on to our house and built a basement under the addition. The basement is more a part of the house so we only have a 1/2 wall around the stairs with no door at the top or bottom of the stairs. We were looking for some sort of step lighting for the basement stairs since we didn't have a door and truly want the basement to be part of the house and another usable room versus a storage place. We looked in our local home improvement stores and couldn't find anything to meet our needs. I happened upon these lights through an internet search and read the reviews. The reviews were positive so we bought two. We are very happy with our purchase. They came very quickly. We purchased the ones that were primer ready so the painter painted them the same color as our walls so they blend in really well. We have one at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom of the stairs. While in my mind I think 2 more would have been great so that there would be more symmetry the two we have really do the trick for our purpose. We have a light switch by the first step so we can turn on the basement lights and see perfectly. Ours are on a photo cell so they come on when dark which is nice as they serve as a night light which is important since we don't have a door. For what we wanted them for they absolutely serve the purpose. I cannot speak to how long they will last but so far I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend the lights and this company to anyone.

Studio City, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great LED Step Light!
July 26, 2013
I had been looking for replacement step lights, or even louvered covers, for years when I came upon the LED Step Light from Pegasus. It is available in a primer base, which allowed me to quickly paint the faceplate, install the LED while the faceplate was drying, then add the faceplate. It was all very quick and easy...and being LED, should last for the next 15-20 years. It is a bit expensive, but the LED will eliminate the bulb replacement costs, offsetting much of the price. Long story short, I liked the LED Step Light so much, I'm ordering 4 more now to replace my other existing step lights.
Quick & Easy Installation Primer faceplate makes for easy painting Metal faceplate eliminates light leakage LED light lasts virtually "forever", eliminating replacement bulb costs
A bit pricey, but offset by ultra long life LED.

St Lawrence Area, New York
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Perfect lights
March 12, 2013
We installed 5 of these lights total in knee walls in our screen porch. They provide sufficient light to see and navigate the area but not to affect the view of the water or attract bugs to the screens. They are a value and have longevity. Energy efficient also.
Value for the money and did exactly what we were looking for.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Loft Stairs
September 16, 2012
I purchased these lights for our remodel and I couldn't be happier. I have 4 of them lighting the staircase to the loft and they provide plenty of light. The best part is we can leave them on as a night light for company when they stay over, especially great for the little kids. They were so easy to install and I like the option of going horizontal or vertical with the face plates to fit any design.
Bright, easy to install and require no additional driver, plus they are dimmable.

Hondo, TX
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Cost effective step light solution
July 11, 2012
This is a versatile solution for step lighting needs. It comes with vertical and horizontal louvers in white or ready to paint primer for a small cost in brushed nickel. The emitted light is not harsh or overpowering and accents the steps well. Ease of installation is very important in the electrical business and this product allows us to make an attractive installation in no time at all.
suitable for damp locations Good price point paintable cover vertical or horizontal installation
I couldn't find any negatives for this product

Scottsdale, AZ
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good quality and a great price
September 19, 2015
I priced a very similar item at a local lighting store and found Pegasus Lighting would save me $20.00 per light and the shipping was free. Of course, I ordered from Pegasus and received a quality product that installed easily.
excellent quality and lower than retail price

Andrew J Van Abs
Canaan, NH
1 Stars

My wife said "this is a joke, right?" About as bright as a match!
February 28, 2015
I'm amazed at the claims for brightness. Before going to the trouble to cut holes, run wiring, etc, I hooked the light up to a lamp cord and tried it at various positions over our basement steps. You have to look pretty closely to see that there is any light on the step and the idea of this being suitable for two/three steps is absurd. If I put two/three PER STEP, in the riser, then maybe this would work...but that's 2x$30x14 steps, or about $840, which is ridiculous. As a light mounted in the side of the stair to illuminate multiple steps, forget it!
None what so ever
Very dim, with huge bands of total darkness where the louvers come across

Questions & Answers
By Will from Durham, NC on June 21, 2013
I need some crowd sourced help here. I'm looking for step lights for a wooden stairway going to a basement. These will need to be set on the vertical part of the steps (not wall mounted) but they can't be placed in the center because there's a "spine" that runs downs the center behind the stairs. So I was thinking about placing 2 on each step - equidistant from each other. My questions are: 1) is that too much light on each step where there are lights and 2) do you think I'll need them on each step or can I space them out every 2 or 3 steps?

I really appreciate anyone's feedback who has had experience with these lights.

By Claire from Newberg, OR on June 21, 2013

We love these lights. They are much brighter than we expected.

You do not need a light for each step. We have an inside stair case in an L shape and have one every three or four steps. They are mounted in the wall, but mounting them in the stair would still provide a lot of light. We have them placed low, so they are not in your eyes, and they have made a very dark staircase bright. We use them as a night light when my mom is visiting, so she can see her way in the middle of the night.
By Joe from Denver, co on June 21, 2013

These lights are bright. Two per would look better but would be too much light. Perhaps a dimmer switch would be helpful (I do not know if these inverters can handle dimming).
I have these spaced out every 3 steps. Great coverage!
By Steve from MD on June 21, 2013

The lights are quite bright but with doing them on the riser part of the stair will limit the light spread somewhat. Id recommend doing every other step and just alternate installs of the lights left and right as you go up the stairs, (zigzag).
By Mike from Ohio on June 21, 2013

Will - I'm no expert since I just recently mounted mine but I'm guessing one per step is plenty. Probably could go one every other step even. Mine are mounted traditionally on the wall and I only use 3 for the whole run and it's sufficient. Good luck....they have worked out very well so far and were what I thought exceptionally priced.
By Allen from Evansville, IN on June 21, 2013

These are very bright, I usually use 1 per 3 stairs on the sidewall. I think you could use 1 every other step and stagger them side to side down the stairs.
By Kevin from North Carolina on June 21, 2013

I would place two on each step, but only on every other step. So if you had 8 steps, get 8 lights (2 on the first, skip the second, 2 on the third, etc.).
By Dale Cipra from Overland Park,k on June 22, 2013

I used the lights in a closed basement staircase that is carpeted. I used the lights in the wall mount mode. They are much brighter than my old incandescent bulb lights. If your staircase is only going to be wood, you should get more light reflection than if the stair was carpeted. Therefore, I think one per stair or every other stair would suffice. If there is additional light, then one on every other stair should work. If these are the only light source and you want good light, the one per stair. Due to the middle stringer, you could alter them from left side to right side as you go down. Hope this helps.
By Bryan from Texas on June 22, 2013

I installed 4 of these lights 15 inches above the step on the wall side of a 15 step staircase. 1 light provides adequate coverage for 3-4 stairs so in my opinion 2 installed where you want them would be a little overkill but on the other hand you can never have too much light. Installing them on every other step would be more than enough. What about staggering? 1 on the left of the spine and the next one on the right? Just thinking out loud. FWIW the lights are a great install. Positive responses from l that have seen them.
Good luck.

By Anthony from Las Vegas, NV on January 20, 2015
I installed these on my stairs and they look great! I installed an Intermatic timer for these however even when turned off they slightly glow. I was wondering if I need another kind of timer for the LED. I use the same timer throughout the house with LED bulbs but perhaps these very low watt direct wired lights just won't work. Any thoughts or ideas?
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on January 21, 2015

Anthony, this is an issue that occasionally pops up with LEDs. It's called ghosting.

There's a tiny amount of electricity running in the circuit for the timer even when it's off.

If you are able to swap out the timer for one with a neutral wire connection, that could solve the issue.

I would also make sure the Timer you use is suitable for use with LEDs.
By JT from Colorado Springs, CO on January 21, 2015

I can't take credit for this answer, but as an electrician for 30+ years I agree with it.

Some light switches run a small amount of current through the bulbs even when off, usually to power small devices at the switch like a timer, motion sensor, or night light. Do your switches have either of those features, or something else like that?

The way those devices work is instead of having a hot/neutral pair powering the switch, they just sit inline with the hot wire and draw a very small amount of power. Old fashioned incandescent bulbs won't light up if there's only a small amount of electricity running through them, so you would never notice this current, but LEDs are much more efficient and apparently are getting enough power to run.

If that is the cause of the problem, there are a few solutions:

Swap out the light switches for regular ones. You'll lose whatever additional functionality they have.
Upgrade your switches to ones that have both a neutral and a hot wire, instead of just the hot wire. This may be relatively straightforward or extremely difficult, depending on whether the neutral for the light goes through the same box as the switch. (Note that even if you do have a neutral at the box it may be a little tricky to wire it up, since you'll have to cut it and then probably add a pigtail or two.)
Put back your old-fashioned incandescent.
By Meatball from Chi town on January 21, 2015

Anthony I bought these lights almost a year ago and literally just had them installed yesterday. I did notice that they did have a glow to them after I shut them off but it only lasted for a few minutes. I'm using a Lutron dimmer switch not a timer.
By Michael from NH on January 21, 2015

You have something wrong. Is timer switching the neutral (white) instead of the hot? Check to see if you wired it wrong. Mine have no timer, and they do glow slightly for a small amount of time after turning them off. Leave them on all night for safety, at 1.4 watts each!
By Phil from Chagrin Falls, OH on January 21, 2015

I purchased the same lights for my basement stairwell. They look great and provide more than adequate lighting. My lights are operated with a basic off/on wall switch. I do not have the glow issue you refer to. hope this helps. Phil
By Haamid from Malibu, CA on January 21, 2015

My lights did the same thing. However, they were put on a dimmer switch and the Building Automation company couldn't figure out how to get the lights to turn off completely when using the dimmer. We ultimately had to make them on & off switches.
By Joe from Round Rock, TX on January 21, 2015

If the timer is a digital timer, there may be a bleed through voltage to keep the timer operating causing a very small amount of power through the lights.
By Joseph from Savannah, GA on January 21, 2015

Check to see if the timer is LED compatible. If not, suggest replacing with a new LED timer.
By Eddie from AZ on January 22, 2015

I have the same problem but wired direct to a switch. When turned off they have a small glow to them.
By Mark from Dallas, TX on January 22, 2015

Not an electrical expert by any means but you do have to have a timer that states it works with the type of bulbs you are using. I had the same glowing problem when I first installed these lights and I had to upgrade my timer (one sold at your favorite big box hardware stores). Solved the problem and the lights work perfectly.

By Jake from WY on August 2, 2012
Can these be used outdoors? I live in an area where we get a lot of snow so getting wet is an issue.
By Chris at Pegasus Lighting on August 2, 2012


Yes, these can be used outside. However, they are UL listed for damp locations, not wet locations. I mention this since you state that you get a lot of snow so getting wet is an issue.

If during the winter months deep snow will be covering these step lights a lot of the time and melting on the step lights that might be a problem. However, the step lights being outside in a snow storm, but not completely covered, should be okay. It is the difference between being completely wet or just damp. I hope this helps.
By Steve from Denver, Colorado on August 2, 2012

I'm not an electrician, but did install my purchase indoor. I don't see moisture to be an issue with the actual light assembly itself as it appeared to be sealed. However, keep in mind the electrical connection will have to be water-proofed.
By Don from Nebraska on August 2, 2012

The fixtures are UL listed for damp locations so they should not be installed in areas exposed to the weather or wet areas.
By Dallas from Elkhart, IN on August 2, 2012

We did not use these lights outdoors but we really like them. We have them installed in our stairwell.
By Colin from Denver on August 2, 2012

The units themselves don't look waterproof but if the fixture is waterproof (for outside use) then it should work.
By Forrest from Hondo, Texas on August 2, 2012

Yes. They are sealed units. We recently installed four or five in a front porch steps for our customer. They are ecstatic.

By Paula Arnold from Broomfield, Colorado on December 16, 2012
Where can I buy just the covers? When our house was built, they installed horizontal fixtures. I want to replace just the cover so the light goes down instead off to the side.
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on December 17, 2012


I'm sorry but we do not just offer the covers. These come as a complete fixture.

By Summer from Kokomo, IN on February 16, 2013
How many stairs would one mini step light cover? Do I have to put one of these on every step?
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on February 18, 2013

Summer, that really depends on your preference or the amount of light that you need/require for your application. For the best effect, one on every step is a good idea.
By George from Dayton, Ohio on February 18, 2013

We put one mini step light every three steps.
By Don from Lincoln on February 18, 2013

It depends largely on how much light you want. In my home I use three fixtures about 4 or 5 steps apart and they provide plenty of light.
By Allen from Evansville, IN on February 18, 2013

No, every step is not necessary. I usually try to cover 3 steps per light, just remember that lighting the first step down is the most important to light for safety.
By Red from Santa Cruz, CA. on February 18, 2013

When I use these lights I mount them about 16 inches high. At this height they light about 3 steps really well, hope this helps.
By Forrest from Hondo, Texas on February 18, 2013

If you mount horizontally on the wall, depending on ambient light, each fixture will provide light for the step it is above and the step immediately above and below it. Obviously the fixture must be mounted about one foot above the step so it can provide illumination appropriately
By Joe from Denver, Colorado on February 18, 2013

The louvers on this LED step light have a pretty good dispersion (mounted horizontal). The light output is more than I expected.
I have 1 light per 6 steps. There are three of these lights on my stair case. One for the first 6 steps, one for the 180 degree landing, one for the top 6 stairs. This is perfect for my situation. Each light is centered on the zone about a foot above the middle stair.

If you have a straight stair case, two lights could suffice. Again, these are rather bright white light. Also be careful with placement as if you are below the light (and under the angle of the louver), you will notice the sharp bright LED.
By Robert from Denver, Colorado on February 18, 2013

These are not bright enough to light the entire stairwell; they are intended to function more like night lights to make the stairs safer in the dark. With this understanding, you definitely do not need one per step. I have four step lights for 16 stairs, and the light is quite adequate. I bought one of these to replace an older step light that had burned out, and this one is significantly brighter than the older ones.

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