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LED Light Bulbs

We are pleased to offer an expanding assortment of LED light bulbs to our customers. These LED lamps will save you money through reduced energy usage. They also have much higher rated lives than other types of lamps. You might not even change a light bulb again for over 25 years!

DOE Lighting Facts Label Information

DOE Lighting Facts® Label Supports Accuracy in SSL Product Information

  • Lighting Facts is a product label for solid state lighting (SSL) products, including LED lighting products, that provides a summary of performance specifications in order to help buyers compare products across the marketplace.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) launched the Lighting Facts initiative in 2008 and specified the data points that should be included on a standard Lighting Facts label.
  • It is a voluntary system, so manufacturers may choose whether or not to provide the label. Including a Lighting Facts label indicates a manufacturer is comfortable measuring its marketing claims against industry standards for performance through independent testing
  • Five metrics are included on a Lighting Facts label: lumens, efficacy, watts, correlated color temperature, and color rendering index.
  • Unfortunately, there are a number of LED lighting products in the marketplace right now that do not deliver on their performance claims. Various DOE reports have concluded that some of the issues have included low light output, a short lifetime, and poor color quality. 
  • The DOE hopes that promoting the use of the Lighting Facts label will prevent manufacturers from making exaggerated or false claims about LED and other solid state lighting products.


Note: Pegasus Lighting offers a variety of LED replacement lamps for your consideration; however, we especially recommend those that carry the DOE Lighting Facts label.

Additional Information

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