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Product Overview:
  • High/Low switch
  • Impressive light output
  • Only 5/8in thick
  • Dimmable
  • 80,000-Hour life
  • Hardwire or plug-in
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LED LINE Edge Lit Aluminum Under Cabinet Task Lights

Pegasus Lighting BBB Business Review

LED LINE Edge Lit Aluminum Under Cabinet Task Lights

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About our LED LINE Edge Lit Aluminum Under Cabinet Task Lights

The LED LINE Edge Lit Under Cabinet Task Lights from WAC Lighting provide luxurious color rendering and glare-free lighting. This LED task light features a detachable design for ease of installation and maintenance, and its many accessories facilitate custom layouts. The LED Edge Lit is available in five different lengths, is rated for 80,000 hours, and is backed by a 5-year warranty.


  • 5 Lengths:
Model# PLN-LED06-30-AL PLN-LED12-30-AL PLN-LED18-30-AL PLN-LED24-30-AL PLN-LED30-30-AL
Wattage on High Setting 7 watts 12.5 watts 19 watts 23 watts 26 watts
Wattage on Low Setting 4.5 watts 8 watts 10 watts 11.5 watts 13 watts
Lumens on High Setting 280 lumens 600 lumens 955 lumens 1245 lumens 1345 lumens
Lumens on Low Setting 185 lumens 415 lumens 545 lumens 670 lumens 770 lumens
Fixture Length 6in 12in 18in 24in 30in
  • Brushed Aluminum Finish: abrasion resistant brushed aluminum finish
  • Heat Control: LED technology eliminates forward heat from the fixture
  • Very Low Profile: 5/8in thick and 4-7/8in wide
  • Polycarbonate Lens: provides even light distribution the length of the fixture and ensures that the area below is uniformly lit and does not have "hot spots" of well-lit areas separated by dark areas
  • High/Low Switch
  • Accessories Included: each fixture includes one "I" connector for end-to-end linking, and mounting screws


  • High Output LEDs
  • Warm White Color Temperature: 3000K (warm white) color temperature
  • Good Color Rendering: 85 CRI
  • Excellent Rated Life: 80,000 hours of rated life on average


  • Linkable: there are 3 ways to connect (link) these lights together electrically:
    1) End-to-End - They can be connected end-to-end directly to each other using the included "I" connector. This method allows 2 lights to be touching each other at the point of connection.
    2) Joiner Cables - They can be linked using Joiner Cables. This method allows 2 lights to be connected across a distance of about 3ft or less. Note that custom cable extenders may be used to create linking cables longer than 3ft.
    3) Splitter Cables - X or Y splitters can be used to link multiple light fixtures.
  • Dimmable: yes, down to 10% with dimmable transformer and electronic low voltage dimmers. Use of other types of dimmers may cause an unacceptable audible hum. For optimal dimming performance, set fixture switch to high setting.


  • Easy to Install: please refer to these Installation Instructions (PDF). [Caution: Always check local electrical codes and the National Electrical Code (NEC) before installing any lighting products. It is also wise to consult with a licensed electrician in your geographical area about any electrical details that you might have questions about and to make certain that you are satisfying all of the appropriate electrical codes.]


One 24-volt electronic low voltage transformer is required for each continuous run. Compatible hardwire and plug-in transformers with specific connectors for attaching to these under cabinet lights are available. Be sure to select a transformer whose wattage rating is equal to or slightly greater than the total wattage of the run being powered.

  • Calculating Total Wattage of Run: to determine the transformer you need, calculate the total wattage rating of your run by adding the total wattage of the system you intend to power. For example, for a run of (3) 6in LED Edge Lit Lights and (3) 12in Edge Lit Lights, you will need a transformer rated for at least 60 watts. (3 6in Edge Lit Fixtures x 7W/Fixture + 3 12in Edge Lit Fixtures x 12.5W/Fixture = 58.5W
  • Plug-In: choose from 60- or 96-watt models
  • Hardwire: for 120V applications, choose from 60- or 96-watt models. For 277-volt applications, a 100-watt transformer is available.


All of these Accessories are ordered separately:

  • Joiner Cable: available in 4 lengths: 6in, 12in, 24in, and 36in. This joiner cable can be used to electrically link 2 fixtures together across a short distance or around corners. Each end has a male connector. To create a custom joiner cable longer than 36in, you will also need custom cable extender(s).
  • Custom Cable Extender: connects two joiner cables to create custom lengths. This cable extender has two female ends.
  • Splitter Cable: allows an easily customizable design layout. Available in either a 3-way "Y" connector with three male connectors, or a 4-way "X" connector with four male connectors. Splitter cables can connect to joiner cables with use of a custom cable extender.
  • Wire Clips: used to tack power cords or joiner cables neatly to a surface. Each pack consists of 10 clips.
  • Multiple Terminal Block: easily wire multiple output connections for a neat installation without the use of open splices. This terminal block has one power supply input and either 6 or 8 outputs.
  • Wiring Box with Switch: allows for an aesthetically pleasing installation by eliminating visible wire when spanning a large gap in a system layout. Includes an optional on/off switch to control power to light fixtures when a wall switch is not available.
  • 12-Foot Extension Cable: extends the distance between the power supply or the wiring box to a Edge Lit fixture. Note this accessory is required when using the 277-Volt transformer.
  • Recommended Lutron Dimmers: for optimal dimming performance


  • UL Listed for Damp Locations
  • WAC Lighting
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Large Quantity Discount: If you would like us to quote on a large quantity of LED Edge Lit Under Cabinet Task Lights, please call us at our toll-free number or use the online Quotation Request for Large Quantities form. We are always happy to provide you with our best large quantity pricing.

UL Listed   5-Year Warranty   Satisfaction Guarantee     Installation Difficulty

Specifications & Measurements

Dimensions of LED Edge Lit Aluminum Under Cabinet Task Lights

Footcandles of LED Edge Lit Aluminum Under Cabinet Task Lights

Product Reviews
LED LINE Edge Lit Aluminum Under Cabinet Task Lights
Questions & Answers
By Dave from 98844 on March 19, 2014
I figure I need 1 x 18, 1x24, 1x 30, 3 x12 inch. Watts then 105.5. I want all lights on one dimmer. Is there a transformer available to do this and if so, what are the dimensions of the transformer.

By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on March 19, 2014


The largest transformer available is 96W, so you would need to use 2 transformers to power your lights.

All of the transformers compatible are on this page. Dimensions are listed on each transformers page. -

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