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Product Overview:
  • 300 Lumens
  • Weatherproof
  • Motion sensor activated
  • 400Ft coverage
  • No electrician needed
  • Batteries not included
  • 1-Year warranty
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LED Ultra Bright Battery Operated Spotlight

Pegasus Lighting BBB Business Review

LED Ultra Bright Battery Operated Spotlight

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About our LED Ultra Bright Battery Operated Spotlight

Install this ultra bright LED battery operated spotlight anywhere security or outdoor lighting is needed. It generates an impressive 300 lumens of bright white light while operating on 4 D batteries. The built-in motion sensor and photocell extend battery life and the light automatically turns off after 30 seconds.


  • 2 Finishes: choose from dark brown (PMB-390) or white (PMB-380)
  • Motion Sensor Activated: motion sensor turns spotlight on when motion is detected
  • Motion Sensor Sensitivity: detects motion up to 25 feet away with a 180-degree angle of detection
  • Built-in Photocell: ensures that LEDs are activated only in darkness
  • Automatic Shut-Off: spotlight turns off after 30 seconds if not retriggered by motion. This feature prevents unnecessary drain on the batteries.
  • Weatherproof Design: may be used indoors or outdoors
  • Durable Construction: made of UV resistant shatter-proof ABS plastic
  • Fully Adjustable Aiming: direct the light where it's needed; fixture head pivots so you can direct light exactly where itís needed


  • Bright White LEDs: provide 300 lumens of bright white light
  • Neutral White Light: this spotlight has a neutral white (3500K) color temperature
  • Excellent Rated Life: 50,000 hours of rated life on average
  • Good Amount of Light: optics provide balanced intense light with over 400 square feet of coverage


  • Batteries: uses four 1.5V alkaline D batteries (not included)


  • Easy to Install: please refer to these Installation Instructions (PDF). LED spotlight can be mounted virtually anywhere light is needed with no wiring required. A simple mounting plate, 3 screws & anchors, and installation instructions are included.


  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Large Quantity Discount: If you would like us to quote on a large quantity of LED Ultra Bright Battery Operated Spotlights, please call us at our toll-free number or use the online Quotation Request for Large Quantities form. We are always happy to provide you with our best large quantity pricing.

1-Year Warranty   Satisfaction Guarantee   Quick Ship Item   Installation Difficulty

Product Reviews
LED Ultra Bright Battery Operated Spotlight
5 Stars based on 42 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Bargain
August 28, 2014
Easy to install. Easy to change batteries. Lights up a large driveway. Installed 2 of these lights and each works identically well. Very pleased with this product. I will be buying more of these lights for the hill behind my house. Great value!

Hartford, CT
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Better Built and Higher Quality
May 15, 2014
This product was better built and higher quality then expected. Light is very bright. I was so impressed I ordered another one a week after I installed it. Based on my experience I also ordered some other products too.
Bright Light...great construction
None yet. I will see how long the product lasts in the elements.

Carlos Latapie
Delray Beach, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Many uses of this wonder self contained light
March 3, 2014
I had used this light at the entrance door of my condo and it has been working perfectly for a year, and with the same set of the original batteries. I am now using another in front of poorly illuminated closet and it is great to have light that does not need code complying complicated wiring and you can install yourself in minutes. I am planning to use it in a dark storage room. Every time you walk in, you have this great light. I could add many more applications.
Reasonable cost - No need for wiring or light switches - many uses in the home or the office - Very long battery life - Very long life of the LED light source - Easy battery replacement. - Choice of black or white - Easy installation - Good design
No cons found

Shelbyville, KY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Best money I ever spent!
December 3, 2013
Love this light! Works perfectly to put light where I needed it. Comes on instantly when you walk anywhere near it. Lights up my deck steps so no one falls. Easy install. Can't wait to get another one.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent product
May 30, 2015
I bought one and was so impressed with output I bought a second as a backup. I have it protected but outside and it lights up the front door. It has been a year and it is still on same batteries and working great.
Strong light output and motion sensor works well.

Wellesley, MA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great light, easy to install, bright, and motion sensor works like a charm
March 17, 2015
I've purchased 2 of these lights for my shed. It is an 8x12 shed with 7 foot walls. One light would have been sufficient but I ordered 2 just in case. Now the shed looks like daylight when both lights are on. 6 months later, lights still work flawlessly, still on original battery.
Bright Battery powered so no electrical work needed Motion sensor is very good
None so far.

Frank R
Marrero, Louisiana
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Light
February 14, 2015
I purchased two of these lights for the dark side of my home! The installation was easy and they light up the side of my home, just like I wanted them to! I plan on purchasing maybe 2 more and possibly a hard wired light also! This is a GREAT product and I would recommend this lighting to everyone!
Very easy installation; Little or no maintenance!
Haven't found any CONS,

Windsor, CO
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Easy Installation
January 1, 2015
Light works great and is easy to install! Being battery powered makes it mountable just about anywhere you desire.

Horse Lover
North Rose, NY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Just Right
December 29, 2014
It was very easy to assemble (not much to do) and hang. It gives off a very bright light and comes on from a good distance every time.

Dallas, GA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Appears to be well made; hopefully, it will last a long time.
December 23, 2014
We installed this Battery Operated Spotlight near our driveway and it provides sufficient light to allow those coming to our home to safely negotiate the way to our front door. Does the job!
Well made, operates the way advertised.

Questions & Answers
By Simon from Miami on November 12, 2014
I want to know if the photocell will stop the light from working on the daylight.
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on November 12, 2014

You are correct. When used outdoors the product will NOT turn on when it's daylight so that it will not waste batteries. If you are using it in the house, then it will not turn on if there is enough ambient light in the room to see.

By Rod from Boulder Colo. on July 1, 2013
Does this item have an on & off switch, so if I want it on at times without the motion sensor I can ?
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on July 2, 2013


No, it does not have an on/off switch. It's turned on only by motion when it's dark.

By Dave from Detroit, MI on September 10, 2014
Wondering if snow will disable the photocell at night?? Any info appreciated. Thanks!!!
By Tony from MI on September 10, 2014

I could not be happier with the unit, it has worked without any problems and I live in MI so we do get a little snow now and then, I would recommend this light to everyone.
By Jim from Maryland on September 10, 2014

My educated guess is that it depends so if you are asking about snow building-up on and over the sensor lens in the dark that could indeed "blind" the sensor. The ambient light sensor component would correctly "think" it's dark and give the motion-detect component permission to light the two LEDs if there was a qualified motion event. That's the function that would be affected by being covered up. Depending on the amount of lens build-up the less likely the motion-detect sensor could establish a thermal picture of its field of view. Stationary bodies producing heat might move but may not trip the "Lights On" threshold or, new bodies could enter the field of view with the same result. On the other hand, I doubt that you'd see false Lights On unless of course the snow cover were to fall off. That event could be seen as a drastic change in the thermal image and qualify as a one time Lights On event. I would think that if you can angle the spotlight somewhat downwards or under an overhang you might or would avoid the snow build-up. BTW, If you're unfamiliar with these Mr. Beams motion lights, this dual-LED model throws an immense but well-defined circle of light. When I mounted one to guard my driveway I didn't aim it downwards enough. Yes it flooded the double-wide driveway + the street + the front of my neighbor's house. I had to increase the down-angle which for snow is a good thing. Hope this helps.
By BJ Mitchell from Lakeland, Florida on September 10, 2014

Well we don't get much snow in Florida but, with the lamp mounted in a even slight downward angle, it would take quite a snow fall to get to the eye. If you look a the picture of the lamp the eye sits in the lowest spot on the lamp, so the top would give it good protection.

But maybe with a near sideways blowing snow you may reduce the capability.

I'll be honest, had ours for a while now and it's pretty darn effective and quick to respond to movement in an easy 180 degree+ side to side range. Like said we don't get snow, but boy do we get rain. And even in mega downpours it still pops on when the eye picks up a movement.
By Vinh from Fountain Valley, CA on September 28, 2014

I don't think so, the light is pretty smart. It only sees big objects moving such as humans or animals

By Jim from Delaware on June 12, 2014
Can this light be used as a floodlight say, in a grill/picnic/party area and it stay on?
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on June 12, 2014

Jim, it's not ideal for use as a general floodlight because it will automatically turn off if motion is not detected.

By Keun B Kim from VA on September 28, 2014
How many hours does it work with 4 D batteries?
By Sid from Galveston, Texas on September 29, 2014

Can't say for sure how many hours. I know they last a long time. It depends on how often the light gets turned on. Mine is activated for a short time. It's by my garage and gets turned on at night when I'm out there. Have had mine for about 6 months so far, still bright and same batteries.
By Len & Debra from Upstate NY on September 29, 2014

With normal use, this light's manufacturer says that the batteries will last more than 1 year. I'm using and happy with this light and I believe the manufacturer's claim that new batteries should last more than 1 year. You will want the 300 lumens light output that this light provides. My understanding is that the light will eventually stay lit for a long time, instead of automatically turning off, as the 1st indication that it's time to replace the 4 D batteries. Hope this info from a satisfied Pegasus customer helps you!
By S B from Baton Rouge, LA on September 29, 2014

We have had this light for a few months; it is motion activities so the batteries seem to last for a long time. We haven't had to replace them as of today.
By Lynn from Austin, TX on September 29, 2014

I have been using this light for nearly 6 months. Of course how long the batteries last is a function of how many times you use the light. As I recall the documentation indicated that 4 batteries would last several thousand cycles. The light appears to be set for about 30 seconds so it does not waste power when you are not using it. I like the light so much I bought 7 of them - makes approaching the house at night much safer.
By Paul from Homerville, GA on September 29, 2014

Mine on my barn are still working great on the original batteries after about a year. These are great security lights and quite bright.

By Rick from Atlanta on December 31, 2013
Is changing batteries a simple operation?
By Joe W from Pensacola, FL on December 31, 2013

Changing batteries is an easy procedure depending on how you mount the light. We use ours in a large walk-in pantry where it's mounted on a wall near the ceiling. We need a step stool or small ladder to change the batteries, but that would be true for changing bulbs in most fixtures or changing batteries in a smoke detector.
By Glen from Los Angeles, CA on December 31, 2013

Yes, changing the batteries is very simple and easy. Check out this youtube video. Click
By Lynn from Austin, TX on December 31, 2013

Changing the batteries is not difficult. There is a single "wing nut" to release the light from the mounting bracket. This may involve climbing if you mounted them out of reach from the ground. Once the fixture is down a quick twist of the lens portion and release two clips that hold the batteries in place. Less than a minute. Be sure to look at it as you are taking it apart to see how the batteries are to be installed.
By ANGIE from LOUISVILLE, KY on January 1, 2014

Absolutely simple!!! I love this light.
By Murray from East Windsor, NJ on January 1, 2014

Changing batteries has been easy for me.
By ALBERT M MARINI from MASSACHUSETTS on January 1, 2014

By Richard Davies from Naples, Florida on January 1, 2014

Changing the batteries is very simple and quick as long as you are able to safely able to reach the light fixture without having to stretch too far. If you can do that, it just takes about 10 seconds to change batteries. I have found that changing the batteries is not needed often.
By valerie from Murrysville,pa on January 1, 2014

Changing batteries is super simple. You just take off the head and there's the battery case. I've done it many times.
By Richard from Belmar, NJ on January 1, 2014

Great product. All you do is take the top off, slide the battery out and put new ones in. The batteries will last for almost a year so you won't have to do this very often.
By Steve from Tampa on January 1, 2014

It's as simple as changing batteries in a flashlight.
By Paul from Leominster, MA. on January 1, 2014

This is a great spotlight and is very bright white light -- it has worked well outside for my needs. Changing the batteries is a very simple process. Just unscrew the head of the light, install the batteries, and screw it back together lining up the markers to ensure it is sealed and water tight. Just like installing or changing batteries in a typical hand held flashlight. Good luck!
By Jim Bocchini from Miramar Bh. Fl. on January 1, 2014

Yes, very easy. And the light works great.
By Mike from Schaumburg, IL on January 1, 2014

Super simple. It takes 4 D batteries and they last a long time. I really like it. I have mine at the end of my driveway on the mailbox post. Still working even in 0 degrees temps.
By Kenneth from Scranton, PA on January 1, 2014

Very simple to change batteries and the spotlight works great.
By Shelley from Hamilton, MT on January 1, 2014

Actually it is very simple to change the batteries as the back comes off and the batteries are right there.
By Steve from Pittsburgh, PA on January 1, 2014

Very easy. Simply turn the face plate counter clockwise and the battery compartment comes out to be able to change batteries.
By SUSANNE from SCIO, NY on January 1, 2014

Answer:'s very easy....just like changing the batteries in a flashlight.
By John Conley from Trinity, FL on January 1, 2014

The batteries are exceptionally easy to replace. The face of the light, in which the 2 bulbs and sensor are located, is simply turned (there are marks that indicate which way to turn as well as indicating closed and open) to the open marker and the face slides out with the batteries. Two plastic locking rods are pushed releasing the batteries and permitting replacement (the only occasionally difficult part is sometimes one holding rod does not release completely and the process has to be repeated to get all 4 batteries released at the same time). Everything is marked to ensure correct placement of the battery when installing new ones. Simply install the 4 replacement batteries, replace it in the face with the batteries into the base and turn. The base that is installed on your house, fence, or whatever never needs to be removed. I have replaced the batteries in one unit and the whole process took me no more than 3 minutes at most. I hope this answers your question.
By Rick Sauter from Felton, PA on January 1, 2014

Yes it is quite simple to change the batteries. The level of difficulty does increase depending where you have it mounted. If it is mounted quite high or hard to reach this would require more time. The actual time to replace the batteries is less than two minutes once you have access to the light.
By Daniel from Syracuse, UT on January 1, 2014

Yes. The lens assembly just comes off with a slight twist. The battery compartment is attached to the lens assembly that detached. This makes it easy to change the batteries and then re-install the lens assembly when done.
By Tom from NJ on January 2, 2014

Yes, very similar to changing the batteries in a flashlight.

By John from Rockland County, N.Y. on September 29, 2013
I installed the batteries and the spotlight worked and then went off after 30 seconds. How can I tell if the motion sensor works prior to installing the light?
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on September 30, 2013


Try placing it somewhere dark with the light head directed where someone can walk in front of it. Then, test it out.

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