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Las Vegas Convention Center Display Lighting Guidelines

by Chris Johnson

The Las Vegas Convention Center is one of the largest venues for trade shows in the world, and customers frequently ask which display arm lights are approved for use there.

If you are exhibiting at a show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, use this information as your guideline to help you choose the appropriate display lighting for your booth. If you are attending a trade show at any other venue, make sure to check the lighting policies beforehand. You don't want to be scrambling to find new lights for your booth at the last minute. According to Bruce Baker, a booth design expert, proper lighting will boost sales more than any other item you can purchase for your exhibit.

The Las Vegas Convention Center restricts the use of some types of halogen lighting due to fire safety issues they have had in the past. The following lights are restricted:

  • Fixtures that use a linear halogen bulb
  • Fixtures that use a non-shielded halogen bulb
  • Light bulbs used in fixtures that exceed the permitted maximum wattage marked on the fixture
  • Light bulbs that exceed 75 watts

Disapproved Linear Quartz Halogen Light Bulbs Disapproved 12V MR11 & MR16 Light Bulbs Disapproved Bipin Halogen Light Bulbs Disapproved Mini-Can Halogen Light Bulbs

Linear halogen bulbs that are not sealed are restricted.

MR11/MR16 halogen bulbs without front glass are restricted.

Unsealed bipin halogen bulbs are restricted.

Unsealed mini-candelabra base bulbs are restricted.


Halogen lamps must have an additional glass shield to prevent direct handling in order to be approved for use at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The following lights are approved, as long as they do not exceed 75 watts:

Approved 120V MR16 Halogen Light Bulb Approved Sealed PAR Halogen Light Bulbs Approved 12V MR11 and MR16 Halogen Light Bulbs

120V MR16 halogen bulbs with a glass cover are approved.

PAR halogen bulbs that are sealed are approved.

12V MR11 and MR16 halogen bulbs with glass covers are approved.


For complete details, read the LVCVA Policy on Halogen Lighting (PDF form). Although the Las Vegas Convention Center may have some of the strictest display lighting guidelines in the country, as a friendly reminder, if you will be exhibiting someplace else you should check the lighting guidelines of the convention center in which you will be exhibiting or the fire department in the area.

Now that you know what display lights to get, check out our articles below to help you make the most out of your exhibit booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Written by Chris Johnson

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