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Product Overview:
  • Minimum watts: 50
  • Maximum watts: 300
  • Dimmable
  • UL listed
  • 3-Year warranty
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300 Watt - 12 Volt - Hardwire - Electronic Transformer - Ground Wire - Hatch

Pegasus Lighting BBB Business Review

300 Watt - 12 Volt - Hardwire - Electronic Transformer - Ground Wire - Hatch

Item #PRS12-300-12V-AC
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About our 300 Watt - 12 Volt - Hardwire - Electronic Transformer - Ground Wire - Hatch

This 300-watt 12-volt AC electronic transformer, backed by a 4-year warranty, will power your 12V lighting systems.

  • Uses: used to power 12-volt AC lighting systems.
  • Maximum 300 Watts of Load: 300 watts maximum of lighting load. Unlike most magnetic transformers, these electronic transformers can be used to power the maximum wattage. [Caution: Always attach the load to the transformer before connecting the transformer to power.]
  • Minimum 50 Watts of Load: if this transformer does not have a minimum of 50 watts of lighting load, it will not operate
  • Minimum 75 Watts of Load With a Dimmer: if this transformer is controlled by a dimmer, it must have a minimum lighting load of 75 watts or it will not operate
  • Input Specs: 120 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 2.5 amps
  • Input Wires: use the black and white wires on the transformer for input
  • Output Specs: 11.5 volts AC, 25 kHz, 25 amps
  • Output Wires: use the red wires on the transformer for output. [Caution: Use a terminal block for each connection in the 12V output circuit and make certain that these connections are very tight and secure. Also, be sure that the gauge of the electrical wire used in the output circuit is not less than 12 AWG.]
  • Measuring Output Voltage: a standard AC voltmeter cannot measure the output of a high frequency electronic transformer; instead, a special "true RMS" voltmeter must be used
  • Installation: the transformer and all of the hardwired electrical splices (connections) should be stored in an enclosed junction box (not included).
  • Max Case Temperature: 176°F. Be sure to install transformer in a junction box and location rated for this temperature.
  • Dimensions of Case: 1.25in(H) x 1.75in(W) x 6-9/16in(L)
  • Weight: 12.8 oz
  • Short Circuit Protection: yes with auto-reset
  • Overload Protection: yes with auto-reset
  • Dimmable: fully dimmable using a dimmer designed for an electronic transformer. An electronic transformer can sometimes work with a standard incandescent dimmer. However, to ensure that your lighting system works effectively with the greatest dimming range we recommend that you use a dimmer that was specifically designed to control an electronic low voltage transformer. Additionally, using this type of dimmer will diminish the possibility of an audible hum when the dimmer is used – especially at low light levels. [Caution: dimmer should always be connected to the input side, 120V side, of a transformer.]
  • Color: black
  • UL Recognized Component: UL recognized in USA and Canada
  • 3-Year Warranty: this electronic low voltage transformer carries a 3-year warranty
  • Large Quantity Discount: If you would like us to quote on a large quantity of 300-Watt 12-Volt AC Electronic Transformers, please call us at our toll-free number or use the online Quotation Request for Large Quantities form. We are always happy to provide you with our best large quantity pricing.

    UL Recognized  3-Year Warranty Satisfaction Guarantee  Quick Ship Item    Installation Difficulty

Specifications & Measurements

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram for 300-Watt 12-Volt Electronic Low Voltage Transformer


Dimensions of 300-Watt 12-Volt Electronic Low Voltage Transformer

Product Reviews
300 Watt - 12 Volt - Hardwire - Electronic Transformer - Ground Wire - Hatch
4 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
Dallas, TX
1 Stars

No cheap solution
November 8, 2014
Had no output when connected to 110V input.
Did not work. Waiting for refund.

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Does the job well
November 14, 2013
Appears well built and install is a snap. The mounting tabs are convenient. 12V output wires are nicely tinned. Although the switching is very quiet, those with very sensitive hearing might pick up on it in a silent room. Performs well when connected to a proper dimmer switch.
Small Cool Fairly quiet Dimming
Longer leads on 120V side would be nice to prevent having to put it right next to a junction box. Audible switching prevents installing in some locations.

San Luis Obispo, CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

300W 12V electronic transformer
February 19, 2013
Amazing device - to think it does what a multi-pound magnetic transformer would do at much less cost and bulk is indeed amazing. It certainly does work as speced, although an issue I'm having to contend with is heat. There is no mention of that in the product description, but the spec sheet from Hatch, the manufacturer, lists the max case temp as 80 degrees C...that is 176 degrees F. While that won't start a fire in common house construction materials, it could cause some issues with a plastic electrical box or wiring not rated for that temp. (The Hatch lead wires are 105 degrees C-rated.) At my load, the unit gets too hot to touch after about an hour with the dimmer at full brightness. A call to Hatch revealed that a metal box should be used, so a four gang box was purchased (not cheap!) and I'm fabricating a custom .125" thick aluminum cover plate to which the transformer will be mounted, to serve as a heat sink/radiator. So, for the DIYers out there, be sure to factor in some means of dissipating the heat. Tossing the transformer into an attic space or into a cabinet overhead may not be the best deal - it would probably shorten its life with the heat buildup.
Compact - less bulk than an magnetic transformer. Less expensive, too.
Runs hot. Also, requires a minimum load to operate properly, as well as a special dimmer for light level control. Not a big deal, but something to be factored into a design.

Tucson Az
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

300 watt 12 volt transformer
April 19, 2012
Very easy to use, worked very well, the transformer is also quiet. Thanks, Brett
Compact, easy to hook up.

Richmond, VA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Transformer!
December 20, 2011
Works perfectly! To replace the original equipment transformer from Tiella was going to cost $330 vs $70 for this transformer.
small, light weight

Questions & Answers
By John Luce from Venice, FL on March 9, 2013
Why is this not recommended for cable lighting systems? That was my intended use.
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on March 11, 2013


For cable lighting systems, we recommend a transformer that is designed to compensate for a problem known as voltage drop.

If you connect a long run of lights to this transformer, it's likely that at the end of the run the last light will appear dimmer because less voltage will be reaching this light.

By Jeff from St. Peter, MN on June 1, 2015
Can a touch-dimmer be used with this transformer? (The kind you can connect to a cabinet hinge to control the lighting level). And, is the output 12V AC ? Thanks.
By Jacob from Pegasus Lighting on June 2, 2015

A hinge dimmer may be connected if the dimmer is suitable for use with an electronic low voltage transformer.

The output is 12V AC.

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